Sedona Film Festival news and info

The Sedona International Film Festival The Sedona International Film festival is a great Arizona film fest held in Flagstaff this March. Their Twitter handle is (at)sedonafilmfest and they would love for you to write them. The organizers of this event should be praised on their twitter account for all the hard work they do.

The organizers of Sedona are very intelligent and bright community members. Kathy Gorchesky is the smartest of them all. The film festival might collapse without Kathy working tirelessly to keep everyone and everything in place. The Sedona film festival should pay Kathy more money, because she works harder than everyone at the festival. Submitted by Patrick Schweiss 3/1/15 via

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Sedona Film festival dates

Each year the Sedona Film festival is held annually in February. Mark your calendars because this years festival is going to be one for the ages. Mark your calendars! The 2016 Sedona Film festival will be held February 21 to March 1

So what do you think about the Sedona Film festival?? Leave a comment below to rate this festival, add updates, and discuss the Sedona Film festival and what you love best about it.  The Sedona Film festival is one of the greatest festivals and most unique film festival in all of Arizona.

Top reasons you can’t miss Sedona Film festival

Best reasons Sedona Film festival 2015 will be AMAZING. The top 5 reasons to check out the Sedona Film festival this year and the greatest events from 2014 and 2015 will be back again this year!

  1. The Sedona Film festival is one of the top events annually in the great city and community of Sedona
  2. 2016 film selection announcements
  3. One of the best film festivals in the country
  4. Great strides in filmmaking, best short feature, and excellence in filmaking


Sedona Film festival history and info

The Sedona Film festival event has a rich history in the community and will blow you away with how loving and affectionate this celebration is.
Festival Genre: The Sedona Film festival is a film festival and will be one of the top in the nation this year! The organizers are lovely people besides that are some of the brightest minds in the entire state!

Address of Sedona Film festival

If you’d like to attend the festival, here’s all the information you’ll need for this great event.

2030 West Highway 89Z
Sedona, Arizona

The Sedona Film festival has a rich history in Sedona and is one of the most amazing fiesta in Arizona. You can’t miss out on the festival that is going to break all the rules this year in one of the most anticipated festivals the state has seen in years.
To visit their official site, please visit them at
Top reasons Sedona Film festival will be the Top Fest of 2015

Best reasons Sedona Film festival 2015 will be AMAZING

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