Red Rocks Music festival 2014 information

Red Rocks Music Festival – While you may have heard some buzz about the Red Rocks Music festival you will want to read some of the facts that make it one of the most loved events in the greatest city in the nation!  Read below for the top 8 reasons you don’t want to miss out on the fun and excitement at this great event! Classical, Jazz and Modern dance performed by world acclaimed artists.

Extraordinary Classical and Operatic chamber music.

Red Rocks Music festival 2014
Red Rocks Music festival 2014

Address of Red Rocks Music festival

3028 E. Friess Dr.
Phoenix, Arizona, 85032
United States

2013 Red Rocks Music Venues
SedonaScottsdale & Tempe, Arizona 86336
United States

Red Rocks Music Dates

The Red Rocks Music festival is held annually in August.  The 2014 Red Rocks Music festival will be held 8/28/2014 to 8/31/2014

Sum up your event in 5 words or less:: Extraordinary classical music.
Openings for vendors still available to purchase?: No

Top 5 reasons to go to the Red Rocks Music festivities

  1. From Bach to Blus,
  2. Transfigured night,
  3. Souvenir deSteinway
  4. Yuki
  5. Tomoko

Red Rocks Music celebration Genre


Estimated attendance: 1800

Top 5 words associated with the fest

  1. Classical
  2. Jazz
  3. Modern
  4. Dance
  5. Yuki
  6. Tomoko
  7. steinway
  8. bach
Vending Options

There are no openings for vendors.

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