Iowa State Fair updates directions history and contact info

Wondering the top reasons to check out the Iowa State Fair? First of all, the good people of Polk County all take pride in the fact the celebration is one of the top in the nation.

Yearly attendance figures are always in the thousands! The Iowa State Fair is a great event for vendors or those wanting to make good money fast and easy. Here you’ll find reviews, info and updates on what the Iowa State Fair guests call the best place to meet someone new. Now in its 163rd year, the celebration is just getting started! You cannot miss this well-established event.

Iowa State Fair
Iowa State Fair

Vending estimates are found below when available. Personalized shot glasses and other promo products available for this event. As a result of the large numbers of patrons to the area, plan to get there a little early. In addition to the traffic crunch, the transit authority, taxi service, and Uber available to get you where you got to be!

The State Fair of Iowa is one of the best events in Iowa and gets high marks across the board for this great state fair
review of the IA State Fair
Date Published: 08/09/2018
The State Fair of IA is one of the top 50 State Fairs festivals in all of America. The Iowa State Fair festival gets a review of 9.8 based on 2939 visitors votes and reviews of this event
9.8 / 10 stars

Iowa State Fair dates times and updates

While the dates and times of almost any event change from year to year, we try to keep you updated. First, we try to keep close contact with organizers to update our event feed.

Iowa State Fair 2013 festival
Iowa State Fair festival

When we don’t have contact information, we rely on site visitors like you. If any information on the Alternative name for Iowa State Fair: has changed or dates are updated, please leave a comment below on this page. That way we can update our reminder posts and site pages. Here we also list articles and updates on the event so check back here often!

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Iowa State Fair locations

The Iowa State Fair is held in Des Moines every August. If you need driving directions to Des Moines, Iowa simply visit google maps and enter in the festival locale in and boom, you’re there!
The official address of the festival is:

Iowa State Fair address
3000 East Grand Avenue
Des Moines, Iowa 50317

Since the start of the Iowa State Fair, the address of the festivities has primarily been in Des Moines. The event is listed as one of the top state fairs in Iowa! While one of Polk County’s finest events it is typically held in Des Moines, Iowa.
With a strong social media presence, you will find all the contact info right here!

The official twitter account is @IowaStateFair and the official facebook page is State Fair of Iowa Facebook page.
Email: For those who would like to email organizers of the Iowa State Fair, the official email address is

Phone: We currently do not have an official phone number for the Iowa State Fair. If you have the official phone number please let us know by leaving a comment on this page.

Official contacts for the State Fair of Iowa

Want to get a hold of organizers of the State Fair of Iowa? Well here are your official contacts of the event. If you have any of these contacts that might be missing please leave a comment below and we will add it.
Twitter: @IowaStateFair
Website: State Fair of Iowa

Your review of the festival? Leave a comment on it!

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