Festival Of Balloons in Denver might be the best fest ever in the state!

Festival Of Balloons in Denver

Festival Genre(s): Arts festival

5 of the Top Events at the Festival Of Balloons in Denver

Large balloon sculptures, balloon dresses, balloon entertainers,

Festival Of Balloons
Festival Of Balloons in Denver CO

How people would describe this event in 5 words or less: Fun, family-friendly, colorful, magical

Address of Festival Of Balloons in Denver
1550 Court Place
Denver, Colorado, 80202
United States

Website: http://festivalofballoons2014.eventbrite.com

Festival / event start date: 3/30/2014

Held in conjunction with the World Balloon Convention (WBC), the Festival of Balloons is a fun, family event that allows the public to view amazing, never-before-seen balloon art created by artists from all over the world. The Festival offers a chance to view all of the pieces created for the WBC’s balloon art competitions. Attendees also experience magical balloon entertainers, as well as the opportunity to purchase balloon creations of their very own.

What You’ll See at the Festival Of Balloons
•  Colossal balloon sculptures with some featuring animation,
lighting, music, and special effects
•  Intricate, twisted balloon figures
•  Dresses made out of balloons
•  Themed party decor
•  Plus, fun balloon creations to purchase and take home

Reasons to see the Festival
•  Learn how professionals create fabulous balloon decor and figures.
•  Interview talented balloon artists from all over the world.
•  Provide a fun, unusual piece to brighten up the news.
•  Show your audience never-before-seen, colorful balloon sculptures
from the most intricate to the most colossal.
•  Be among the first to share this awesome experience with your audience!

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