Embarras Valley Film festival

While you may have heard some buzz about the Embarras Valley Film festival you will want to read some of the facts that make it one of the most loved events in the greatest city in the nation!  Read below for the top 8 reasons you don’t want to miss out on the fun and excitement at this great event!

The Embarras Valley Film Festival (pronounced “Am-brah”) is a yearly event honoring a person or theme relevant to the Embarras Valley, which encompasses much of East Central Illinois. This year’s theme is documentaries, featuring award-winning films by EIU and SIU faculty members, southern Illinois film makers, and a duo of British film makers. The festival includes screenings with panels featuring the films’ directors and producers, film critic led introductions, a stop motion workshop and film screenings for youths, and a short documentary competition for area students. Sponsored by the Eastern Illinois University College of Arts & Humanities along with community support from the Coles County Arts Council and City of Charleston Tourism Funds.

Address of Embarras Valley Film festival

Eastern Illinois University
Charleston , Illinois, 61920
United States

Embarras Valley Film Dates

The Embarras Valley Film festival is a 3 day celebration with events starting on November 7, 2013

Top 8 reasons to go to the Embarras Valley Film festivities

  1. arts festival
  2. Film
  3. screenings
  4. Confidence
  5. Man directors
  6. art films

Embarras Valley Film celebration Genre

Arts festival

Top 5 words associated with the fest

  1. Free
  2. Great Films
  3. Homegrown
  4. Movie
  5. Stars
Vending Options

There are no openings for vendors.




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