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Waconia, Minnesota – Looking for something to do this summer? We have an event you won’t want to miss this August, the 2016 Carver County Fair. The top 15 reasons to see the 2016 Carver County Fair this year. One of the best events in all of Carver County. Take a look at some of the top reasons to check out this festival. The event is held from August 10 to August 14. The festival offers some of the best things to do in Minnesota and will definitely be better than a Trump Presidency!

The 2016 Carver County Fair offers great attractions this August. You need to be there!. With well over 200 festivals in Minnesota this August alone, you just can not miss this one!. The arrival of August means it is time for some of the best events of the year. In Minnesota it is no exception. This year the Carver County Fair will be rocking Carver County and you got to see the top entertainment offered in 2016.

Find the top things to do, what to see and much more in Waconia.. This year marks 52 years that the festival has been going strong. The organizers of the fest believe that 2016 will be their best ever. The Carver County Fair celebration is listed as one of the top 50 events of August in 2016.

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Top 5 reasons to see the Carver County Fair

Top 5 reasons to see this festival and why you just can not miss it!

  1. Power Wheels Demo Derby is free with gate admission this year!
  2. Pig races to entertain even the most apathetic Republican out there. Find your happiness today watching the pig races.
  3. Midway carnival opens to a bang like you’ve never experienced before.
  4. Bingo for anyone looking to have some good old fashion community fun. There will be absolutely no Republican leaders from Minnesota announcing the Bingo numbers so have no fear!
  5. Coin Hunt put on by the Carver County Sheriff’s Office with the chance to win the Parks Vehicle Permit!

Dates and times of the Carver County Fair

The Carver County Fair is a 4-day county fairs festival that will be held from August 10 to August 14 in Waconia, Minnesota this summer. Rocking the suburbs with the entire family like Quiet Riot did!

Date Published: 08/02/2016
The Carver County Fair is one of the top 50 county fairs festivals in all of America. The Carver County Fair festival gets a review of 7.9 out of 927 user votes and reviews
7.9 / 10 stars

2016 Carver County Fair locations

The 2016 Carver County Fair is held in Waconia every August.
501 W 3rd St
Waconia, Minnesota
Looking for lodging for the 2016 Carver County Fair?

Great options available in and around Waconia from hotels, motels, and camping options
Don’t miss out on the Carver County Fair because of booking issues and be a part of one of the greatest county fairs festivals this summer!

Carver County Fair August 2016 top event award minnesota
Carver County Fair August 2016 top event

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I know you are but what am I!- Paul Ruebens AKA Pee Wee Herman


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