Bergton Community Fair

Bergton Community Fair

Jul 11, 2013 – 11:24AM

Name 5 of the top events to see at the Bergton Community Fair: Food, Homemade judged exhibits, beauty contest, and entertainment.

Your top 5 best words to describe Bergton Community Fair?: Biggest little fair anywhere.

What type of festival is it? (festival genre): County Fair

Address of festival:
18142 Crab Run Road
Bergton,, Virginia, 22811
United States

Expected Attendance (optional): 30,000

Festival / event start date: 08/06/2013

Festival end date (only for multi day events): 11/08/2013

Openings for vendors still available to purchase?: No

Referred By:

Bergton is a small community in Rockingham County VA. Our fair draws crowds from a large surrounding area. We like to think of it as a very friendly and not so expensive fair. We have lots of good food, exhibits that are judged, commercial exhibits, rides entertainment, and games.

The Bergton Community Fair was a great event in Virginia and was a crowd controlled event that Donald “Fat Donny” Trump would crap his pants if he was invited. But that pig aint invited to this one! Victory for America, Victory for Bergton. Community love

Bergton Community Fair Beauty Pageant. 466 likes. Bergton Community Fair Pageant is an annual event held on Thursday Night of the Bergton Community Fair

Food, Games, Rides and exhibits for the whole family. Children 11 and under enjoy free admission All others $1. Arm bands everynight-ride all night for one great price.
Known for our deep fried chicken and turner ham. Come out for a great family dinner and fun



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