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5k Foam Fest – When was the last time you and your friends all dressed up in crazy fun costumes and got totally muddy? Or how about the last time your boss dressed up like a loofa and did a face plant in foam? If you can’t remember, it’s time to let loose and have fun! With such a foamy “funcore” atmosphere, it’s an absolute party before, after and all through your run! And because of our “funcore, not hardcore” feel, you’ll fit right in with our crowd − no matter your running skill level!

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Top events at the 5k Foam Fest

  1. Death Drop,
  2. Big Baller,
  3. Foam Pit

Location of the 5k Foam Fest

The 2015 5k Foam Fest events will be held in Columbus, Minnesota.

The official address is:

15201 Zurich St.
Columbus, Minnesota, 55025

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Potential to be great.  Apr 01, 2013 by Dre.  Average rating: 2.  Jul 18, 2014 by Chris.  Finish line was another slip n slide without the slip or slid, OR FOAM, and the pool at the end barely had any water in it at all (thank goodness you didn’t slip into it, or you would have a head concussion!  I got a terrible sunburn waiting for the bus AFTER the race was over.  NOTHING.  Schept Farms, Queen Creek Arizona.  Oh yeah, and no outside food or drinks were allowed, so I paid $3 for a cool (not cold) Powerade and $1 for a tiny apple.  The race just ended.  SERIOUSLY?  Who knows, we never got a reason not did we get reimbursed.  Why?  Overall it was a great day and a wonderful event.  Great !  Jun 03, 2013 by James.

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Date Published: 07/22/2015
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My wife loved it and wants to make sure we sign-up again next year for sure.  No biggie, the remaining ones were great fun.  The wait for the bus at the end wasn’t nearly as long of a wait, but still an annoyance, and I also have the sunburn to prove the wait was too long.  There was 1 food booth with overpriced food and drinks, and that was it.  Feb 08, 2015 by Sandy.  Seems a bit wasteful, but didn’t detract from my opinion of the race overall.  Worst Obstacle = Spider Webs (these were cheap and ghetto).

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Expected Attendance: 1500
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Built for both the hardcore athlete and the beginner alike, this race is full of fun surprises that will foam your socks off!  They have done a number of times.  It was over a mile to the first one.  Staff was everywhere – at every obstacle, every turn.  Event Name: Atlanta 5K Foam Fest 2013 .  Ok so now on to the course.  I have to agree with Matt L.  Everything was spread out so there was run to walk around, and the merchandise area was clean and lots of volunteers to help.  Event Name: Massachusetts New England 5K Foam Fest 2014 .  First let me say I would give the event volunteers 3 stays because of the amazing team of people that helped dig out cars after the storm (not sure if they were from the event or the ATV park).  The electric crawl was another favorite or our group.  This was a great event.

The obstacles were wonderful.  Scroll up to see a list of upcoming events for 5K Foam Fest).  Now when we got there was an hour wait for the slides, luckily by the time we finished the course and it was our turn there was no wait, now this could have been because the wind was kicking up and people were not keen in going up, but we went up anyways and slid into another pool full of infested bacterial water.  Overall this was a very good event.  The course was slightly different than the course laid out online, but I assume that was to compensate for the terrain and actual lay-out of our location.  Lots of fun and definitely plan on going again next year.

Best Obstacle = Lilly Pads (probably the hardest obstacles and the most fun).  OTTAWA FOAM FEST INJURIES.  Yes it rained something fierce for about a half hour (the weather was 30% chance of rain), and the lot filled up rather quickly, and cars were getting stuck left and right!  Cmon that is awesome!  Terrible.  Blevens.  I only knocked one star off for missing some obstacles and for the lack of foam for the “Foam Fest”.  Most of them had very little interaction or challenge.  The volunteers directed vehicles and it was well organized and well laid out.  They were at every mile marker.  More Like a Mud Walk.

However, the obstacles left a lot to be desired.  K Foam Fest Reviews.  HOWEVER, I don’t know who James ran into (or what time), but they were not charging people to tow you out not at 2pm when I got dug out and not at 5pm when my friend got dug out.  Really!  Use discount code MRG2014 for $5 off your 5K Foam Fest registration!  Plenty of staff on hand directing traffic though and a good fee of only $5.  Jun 09, 2014 by Matt L.  Event Name: Massachusetts New England 5K Foam Fest 2014 .  This review pretty much sums it up: http://relentlessforwardcommotion.

A decent mix of running and obstacles, could have been arranged a little better or closer at some points.  Some inflatables were down and we never did see the 5-foot climbing walls either.  Free stuff, DJ, lots of fun activities (that were free) like standing on an inflatable platform and using a big foam wrecking ball to knock 3 opponents off.  But since this is not about them, but the event, lets review the event.  GTFO!  Even thinking about talking with a few designers and seeing what they think.  There was not much to do but stand there and twiddle your thumbs, no tables or chairs for you or spectators to hang out.  The post race clean-up was well provided.  You can check out our list of past events and reviews below, or if you know of an upcoming race, add it to our calendar!  The backlog wasn’t bad.

Lines were short, they used 2 verifications for security (your name and phone number).  All and all, a good race and I would recommend people get out and try.  They wanted me to pay $30 for a $10 zip up blue hoodie with the words 5K foam fest in white on the pocket.  WATER STATIONS = B.  Canceled event a few days before the race with no real explanations or real apology.  My hands and legs are all cut up from falling on branches, rocks and grabbing a hold of things to help myself up the hill.  So much fun!  Event Name: SoCal California 5K Foam Fest 2014 .  The most obvious thing was that they made sure there was staff EVERYWHERE which was nice.  Even the packet pickup was extremely slow.  The course lacked water (we did no swimming).  Without it and the obstacles, it wouldn’t be that good.  A week before the event, they change the parking (to 2 minutes further away), and up the price to $15 and decrease the number of buses.  This race company is Horrible!

SHOWERING/CHANGING = B.  The clean-up hoses were plentiful and changing tents were provided.  I cannot recommend the race to anyone for the price.  Absolutely horrible.  Sep 08, 2014 by Lindsey.  Paul Minnesota 5K Foam Fest 2014 .  Luckily, Mud Run Guide has hundreds of exciting events in your area, and many are coming up soon!  Merchandise tent was great; good size, great people and plenty of products.  There was an archway that said FINISH right around a turn and out of nowhere.  Bib times were not checked nor enforced.

Event Name: Chicago 5K Foam Fest 2013 .

The event was very family friendly and not as crowded as a Spartan or Warrior Dash.  I went went with my wife and 5 other women.  Great time.  Friends and family also signed up and they didn’t get their money back either.  Event Name: Phoenix Arizona 5K Foam Fest 2014 .  Wash up centre and change area were good and they were on the ball with their communications throughout the lead up to the event.  But overall a good mix.  Death Drop.  There was a lot of mud.  Even tho you sign a release it does not give them the right to be negligent!  Few obstacles compared to other events, but the ones that they has were fun and new, the Lilly leap was fun, and the balance beam had a new twist.  Event Name: Baltimore / Washington DC 5K Foam Fest 2014 .

Unfortunately, I was in a similar situation to Erica below.  Mar 15, 2015 by Jenny.  I felt that my stuff was safe.  I feel robbed and taken advantage of.  All in all I would save my $50 and do Warrior Dash, or a fun Color Run, because this is NOT what they advertise, FoamLess Horse Crap Run is more like it.  Slip n slide was stupid, you could neither slip or slide, or find any hint of foam here after a 10 minute wait.  Event Name: Columbus Ohio 5K Foam Fest 2013 .  The race waves were small, I would say maybe 50 people so it was not a horrible start, the start line had a Foam Machine above you which we wound up getting some neat pictures.  Volunteers were friendly and very accommodating, we had a team member who could not attend and we were still able to grab her a shirt.  If I could rate this less than 1 star I would.  It might have helped some of the people that were struggling on the hill.  The vendor area had some Foam Fest SWAG and the bag check was FREE with your race bib stub.  COURSE LAYOUT = B.  The first 30 foot slip and slide needed a little more foam, but was still nice.  Plenty of lines open and occupied by staff helping get everyone through in a timely manner.  They had hoses to wash off (you were muddier than expected).

Event Name: Pittsburgh .  Also had obstacles set up, like mini obstacle course or wrecking ball.  Make our way to the main entrance and registration, little long and drawn out but understandable given the layout.  NO REFUNDS!  We got there an hour early as recommended but still had to wait 45 minutes for the bus resulting in missing our wave and starting 50 minutes after we should have because there was another huge line for bib pickup.  Foam fest was very family friendly too, had a “festival area” set up.  The 5 and 8 foot walls were a complete joke as they were gaps between each board for one to easily easily walk up it.  The 8ft walls (no 5ft here) had another 20 minute line, which I wind up bypassing because I was hoping to see 5ft walls and conquer those only to find the 5ft walls absent from the course.  We loved the Lilly pads, but then Viveta Mentzelopoulou poop her pants.  It felt like there was a lot more running than obstacles, especially at the beginning.

Race kit pick up lines were sorted alphabetically and there were little to no line ups when we arrived 45 minutes prior to our start time of 9 a.  Picture colossal mud pits, cargo net climbs, and army crawls – then picture giant inflatable obstacles filled to the brim with white, fluffy foam!  You got a nice tshirt.  Good Clean Fun.  Jun 09, 2014 by Kelli McRobert.  I was so excited about this part but it was short lived, and finally you got a decent stretch of non horse filled mud trail that you could actually run to, up the slides.  There was 99% mud and 1% foam with guys holding bubble wands that literally just dribbled bubbles out at a few ocstacles.

For $75, the obstacles need A LOT of work.  FESTIVAL = B.  What a disappointment!  It created such bottlenecks that it took us 2 hours and 15 minutes to complete the 5k AND we SKIPPED 3 obstacles.  We were registered and waiting for the rest of our group to get there.  They would not sell beer to spectators and you received 1 free one at the end of the race.  This foam fest was my first ever obstacle mud run and I had a blast with my group of friends that came along!  My husband was there an hour after we were still helping push and get cars out (he took his motorcycle so he hung out to help).  PLEASE NOTE: It appears this event currently is not in operation.  Then prove you’re a grown up as you tackle the Death Drop – a 3 story tall inflatable slide!  I was very aggravated at this, because I was in the Saturday 1200 race, so they had an

ENTIRE DAY TO GO and they had no Gray Sweaters in an XL left.  Logged on a week before we were to leave only to find out there was NOT GOING to be any race.  Jun 29, 2013 by William Graley.  My favorite two obstacles were the electric mud crawl and the aqua lily pads(which should have been twice as far).  If you are looking to dress up in a costume, walk 3 miles and get a little muddy, this may be the event for you.  Jun 20, 2013 by James.  Claimed bankruptcy didn’t give us any refund just kept my money n canceled they also said other would give us discounts or free run for our trouble never did just took money n cancelled never heard from them again.  Water was available at mile markets 1 and 2.  If someone got hurt, they would know immediately.  The slipNslides weren’t very slippery, in fact you really just crawled through them.  I lost over $300 from this frickn company!  They were easy to find and always friendly.  Area 51 Motor Cross in Batavia, NY).  No final obstacle, no crowd to cheer you.  The volunteers were very helpful and fun at each obstacle.  Cant forget their famous Skyfall, a two-story fall into an inflatable airbag, like your a stunt person.  Vendors.  All of the staff at the event was very friendly and the showers were incredible at the end of the race.  Lots of mud, great obstacles.  However, there was very little foam on most of the obstacles.  Furthermore, NO BEER at the end.

Event registration and parking was easy, yes they charged you $5, but either way it’s an event who cares, we were parked about 5 ft from registration just over the fence (yes we had to walk around) a lot less than the 3/4 mile people were saying.  I was expecting some kind of obstacle at the end, but it wasnt the end of the world.  The obstacles are not what they appear.  Event Name: San Antonio 5K Foam Fest 2013 .  There was no mud.  Event Name: SoCal California 5K Foam Fest 2014 .  Lots of fun in this Mud (foam) Run.  Event Name: Buffalo / Rochester New York 5K Foam Fest 2014 .  And there were about 5 huge hills, of which only 1 that I can think of had a rope to assist you.  There was no rope, and if your shoes had any real sole on them, you could not get your feet in the slots.  Foam Fest.  I can’t say I was disappointed to find out there was really no running in this one though.

The backlog was 0-3 minutes max (This was good because I was reading about tons of backlog online).  Mar 18, 2013 by Jeff.  It had some hills, some forest area, foam, mud, grass.  The long slip and slide was also fun, but the short one didn’t have enough water on it.  Cancelled and NO reimbursement.  FINISH LINE = F.  My heat was at 10:50 and when we got to the lemons there were some lemons that were deflated and the foamer was broken.  We did not pay for the extra tickets for other ‘activities’ and you get a nice tech shirt and medal upon completion with water and a power bar.  AND to get towed out of the mud!  This made this race seem so short.  I mean a 30ft slip n slide with foam?  Don’t join.  Jul 16, 2014 by christina.  Plenty of water stations throughout the course with friendly staff, greeting and cheering you on.  I found out by going on the website to check the time and date and to my surprise it had been cancelled!  K Foam Fest obstacle races, mud run, and OCR information, distance, cost, dates, calendar, discounts, obstacles, reviews, and more.  Awesome !

Sure injuries will occur, but not in those numbers over two days and that is only what we know about!  Water provided only (no food).  I have tried to get my family into other races.  Worth Doing Because It’s Different.  Parking was a little hectic but only because the event was back away from the main road.  Cloud in the middle of nowhere.  Overall, a good beginner race and one the whole family could enjoy.  Event Name: Brooklyn New York 5K Foam Fest 2014 .  I will never pay for this event, nor will my friends and family.  Good sized bag check, as well as nicely staffed again.  Remember, I’m not a runner so I wasn’t disappointed).  Obstacle spacing was perfect.  It’s time to get filthy clean with the 5k Foam Fest!  You did have to pay for tickets to these things but at a great price.  To fast forward, Bouncy House #1 was down, Ball House was kewl (finally foam!  Many people were commenting about this.  Long but honestly know what your going to get into!  Free protein bars.  Which I thought was amazing, and they did not complain about it even though many people were quite B- itchy about it .

END FOAM HERE… then on it was all MUD, and HORSE CRAP!  If you have any questions, please contact the event directly from their website link.  The finish line is very uneventful and could have used one more obstacle to complete the course.  The volunteers had no idea what was going on and it wasn’t until someone suggested they should let people who have early waves go first to get them on site that they started going by time.  Event Name: Cleveland Ohio 5K Foam Fest 2014 .  The workers told us that earlier there was a lot of foam.  Unfortunately, as much as I wanted to love this race, I’m going to have to look elsewhere.  Some picture opportunities throughout course and a good pre/post race photo station with race logo.  Take your money and cancel events.  The only obstacles with any real line(s) to deal with were the cargo net climb and the wall climb .  Thanks, Viveta Mentzelopoulou.

It would have been a 3+ hour race.  They still held the race on Sunday!  Medics were available and photographers took photos at the start line however got a bit distracted with a few girls in tutus and ignored the rest of us:) This location is a good spot for keeping racers cardio up as the terrain is subtly hilly and alternates with switch back loops that continue into the woods.  The foam gimmick made the entire race.  Click here to submit your review.  The giant slide was fun, but lost many points due to the 30 minute line before hand.  Gloves, long socks and elbow pads are not required at this race.  Also the race is not close to Orlando or even Kissimmee.  Jun 29, 2014 by Beth Maffett.  Our course was VERY muddy.  They did their best to make things right!  You had no option to purchase a second.  A place where you could buy food, mingle with fellow racers or wait for the of your party.  Some obstacles included lily pads, mud pits, spider webs and a sideways cargo net.  Felt like we all got scammed out of our money.  Jun 06, 2014 by Dan.  Had about 18+ obstacles, ranging from hay bails to walls to cargo nets and even threw in a mud pit.  The “mud” was not controlled as in the other races he participated in.  Event Name: Atlanta 5K Foam Fest 2013 .  Show their stuff off and really try to pull people in.  The registration tent was well organized and quick to get through with our pre-printed waivers.  Luckily the girls I was with made this fun, otherwise I would have been just an annoyed, horse crapped filled quitter, cuz I think I would of short cutted out of there.  A nice long deep mud pit you had to crawl on your hands and knees under rope signifying barb wire.  This is worth doing (but not for $70 which is what I paid although I don’t regret it).  Event Name: St.  Nice Fun Run.  Mar 17, 2013 by Matthew.  Event Name: Boston 5K Foam Fest 2013 .  The bus situation was the most disorganized mess I’ve ever seen.  Lots of very friendly volunteers along the way and the giant slide was well worth the entry fee!  Beware.  As the name implies, not your typical mud run.  The men’s shirt was different from the women’s (different neck cut and logo).  Not even 1 star.

Bag check was well organized, staffed and felt pretty secure (and free).  Think you’ve got what it takes?  Especially the foam ones!  Paid $140 for two people, drove 2 hours from RI, $10 to park off site (which was 15-20 minutes away from the site).  March 15, 2014.  We never received a letter, email, nothing!  I was surprised they were using bottles of beer instead of a keg when handing out thousands of freebies after the race was over.  The course was pretty good.  The only thing that annoyed me is they made my husband park his bike in the muck, then when we walked up, saw they let other bikes park on the gravel behind the event.

There was false advertising from this company.  Worse, they charge $5 to park you in a muddy field where almost all vehicles got stuck, and then they charge $95 to tow you out.  I will be doing Warrior Dash for the second year in a row and I probably will have less mud on me, and hurt less the days after.  Was probably the funnest obstacle 5k I’ve been to.  WTF?  OBSTACLES = B.  Shouldn’t even have a star.  Aug 29, 2013 by Kristin.  We don’t know of any upcoming events for 5K Foam Fest.  We were there an hour before our race expecting long lines for registration.  I would like to know if anyone got reimbursed and how did you go about getting it.  My husband was the second person brought in and three more were brought in after him!  When he arrived at this hospital we were advised that on Saturday at least 6 people were brought in with broken bones.  Sep 10, 2013 by Elaina.  Half of them were not the ones listed on the map.  Though I think our lines were much shorter than what others experienced during the earlier sold-out waves.

The race itself was fun and aside from being on a farm and trudging through a mud pit that was surely sewage, we had a blast throughout.  The location of the obstacles (next to a tree with posion ivy just hanging like a cyprus tree or on a path 6′ wide) and half of the inflatable obstacles were not in operation made a very long day.  Literally we saw horse crap on the trail, and it smelled like it from the get go, our first mile was NOTHING but mud, trenches of mud, which when you walked in were very uneven and your wound up slipping down chest deep into mud and horse crap.  Jun 22, 2014 by Erica.  Event Name: Phoenix Arizona 5K Foam Fest 2014 .  Event Name: Atlanta 5K Foam Fest 2013 .

STARTING LINE = B.  Only thing, I wish there was a shower/hose/changing area or something, but there was public restroom but it was just small and really crowded.  The foam began at the start line and the MC kept racers motivated until their heat began.  Feel like you’re a kid again as you run through the mud and bounce through the Moon Walk.  There were 3 types of mud slippery mud covering the ground, wet cement consistency mud, and all out muddy pools of mud.  Even had some obstacles I’d never seen before; Lily Pad and uneven balance beam with a twist.  Mar 20, 2014 by C Blevens.  Could have used a little more foam honestly, i mean its your name sake, you better bring the FOAM!  BAG CHECK = A.  They are scam artist.  It was a 45 minute wait at the slide.  Event Name: Buffalo / Rochester New York 5K Foam Fest 2014 .  The course went through some woods which saw significant mud and a couple bungee obstacles, then you exited the woods and there was the finish arch.  It is in St.  STUPID, they took a big bouncy house filled it with water, added the leap pad which made it impossible to get out of because they bungeed the leap pad to the center!  The only part that was kinda disappointing was that the finish line just kinda snuck up out of no where.  PARKING = F.

All were fun, but watch out for those sudden drops when you think you’re walking into a puddle and find yourself boob-high in mud.  After the race, the kid friendly things were not all free and the free fall should have been supervised.  Upcoming 5K Foam Fest Events.  The beginning of the course takes you to most of the obstacles and they are fun, but not challenging.  Disappointing.  Those were what I was looking for!  Finally a bouncy house with FOAM!  I scheduled an entire vacation around this race.  Jun 24, 2014 by JB.  My husband and I signed up to do this run and it was cancelled.  Overall, I thought it was a lot of fun.  HORRIBLE!  Orlando/Kissimme 5K FoamFest.  A fun obstacle course for people of all levels.  Parking was horrific.  The course itself was a lot of running, more of a fun run type of course.  It was DISGUSTING!  The layout of the course was horrible.  They have ATVs and Tractors out there pulling people, pushing people and just trying their best to get you out of the lot!  I am very much disappointed and feel that this was done purposely.  Still waited out for my friends who gave the 8ft wall an attempt, but they were so muddy it was impossible to get over, many people gave up by the third wall anyway.

But some obstacles were completely different (usually the foam related ones).  Though not a mud run, the foam fest was a new experience, with lots of volunteers, the check in was easy and quick.  Browse our calendar of previous mud runs, mud races & obstacle races for 5K Foam Fest .  They had changing tents for men and women.  The medal is good medal.  They did not charge a single dime to do this!  Event Name: Chicago 5K Foam Fest 2013 .  Jun 03, 2013 by Elly.  The gear tent to purchase stuff was crazy, unorganized, and slow, so we wound up waiting until after the race, and there were no gray XL sweaters left!  Event Name: Philadelphia Pennsylvania 5K Foam Fest 2014 .  Three 40ft high heart stopping water slides.  Again in a pool of infected mud bacteria water.  Arch, banner, DJ, and a foam pit.  No real starting obstacle but the foam pit was cool.  The obstacles were def more fun than they were challenging but you felt like a big kid!  Either way you really can’t run through any of these, and some obstacles had some lengthy lines.  Had the usual mud crawl and cargo net climb but had the great foam ones that were great.  Seriously!

Maryland event!  The only complaint I would have is that it would have been nice to have a water station at the top of the big hill.  Event Name: Ottawa Foam Fest Illinois .  I will definitely be putting this one my calendar for next year.  Event Name: Chicago 5K Foam Fest 2013 .  Fun Time for the family.  The email stated they had to cancel 2 obstacles (leaving 8) but they must have added more because I counted 15 total.  Ok fine… 20 minutes later you’re off to your second mile in nothing but mud.  I will admit though, our registration lady was a little rude and seemed to not want to be there, but cant judge it based on just one individual.  The obstacles were a joke.  Mar 19, 2014 by Heather.  Brooklyn was given the cheapest obstacles.  Jun 02, 2013 by HK.  This was a course you could have fun but also push yourself to try new things or conquer some fears.  I only saw one and honestly i don’t remember what it was.  No line ups for us as we were at the beginning of the large 0900 heat.

Pictures.  They also have been deleting negative comments on their Facebook page, and even deleted their OWN post because there were 100 negative comments attached.  Imagine sliding on a dry piece of plastic for 30 feet.  K Foam Fest.  The terrain was good.  Keep in mind that this was a family event so the difficulty on a 1-10 scale is about a 2.  FoamFest is very poorly organized.  C.  The obstacles were more fun that challenging (which was a nice change of pace).  The volunteers were great and very helpful at each obstacle.  They wanted you to park 20 minutes away, pay $10 for parking, and take a bus.  BEWARE.  Washrooms are plentiful and hand sanitizer is provided in each port-o-let.  SWAG = B.  Then sign up already and get ready to feel the foam!  Keep in mind, I have done over 16 mud races and know what to expect at a race.  He had surgery and a metal plate and 9 screws put in!  We added many people to our group for next year that were there watching us.

Event Name: Dallas Fort Worth 5K Foam Fest 2013 .  Awesome!  Honestly, extremely disappointed.  Though I would like to see more foam the next time, I am going to keep this race on the next year calender as a fun run.  K foam Fests should take less than an hour – 1-1/4 hours and just over a mile into the race, because the conditions were so poor it was walking/sliding the whole time, my husband twisted his leg and dislocated his ankle, and broke his tibia and fibula.  There was 16 obstacles stated on the web site but the course map said 10.

Oh and it was free, thats always a good thing.  After climbing through mud, more mud, horse crap and more mud after crossing the first mile (which it seemed at that point was more like 2 miles) you came to a water check which they gave you yellow water to drink.  Jun 24, 2013 by Julaine DeMonte.  Parking is $10.  I was pleased with the event that Round House Racing put on (I had thought 5K Foam Fest was an HMM event, but I was wrong) and will be pleased to do future events with them (the Dirty Dash in July at the same venue).  It’s not the most challenging but definitely fun (and family oriented so you will have a different crowd than the Spartans or Tough Mudders).  Also very little mud.  Find a different race.  A lot of inflatable obstacles too.  Mar 03, 2015 by Destiney flores.  This was the best organized mud runs I’ve been to so far .  There was pretty much NO RUNNING (which I’m not complaining about really), because there was so much mud, and so many trenches of mud to climb through.

Complete waste of time and money.  I loved the foam and bubble obstacles mixed in with the mud obstacles.  We got messy, we did some fun obstacles and I even made down some scary ones.  Event Name: Orlando 5K Foam Fest 2013 .  Save your money!  The Pittsburgh FoamFest 2013 was done by a bunch of amateurs.  Cancelled.  If anyone has any help on this please let me know!  CONCLUSION:.  I think this was a good race.  I am not a runner although I did train a bit to be ready to run for this one.  If you are the owner of this event and you would like to re-enable your listing, please contact us at mail@mudrunguide.  The management of this race were negligent!  Mar 17, 2013 by Cindy.  The course was 99% walk and 1% run due to the mud and the fact that there were huge waits at obstacles.  Some were actually broken and the ones with foam hardly had any foam due to broken equipment.  This was a shameful event and terrible event management.

People were going around letting you know that they will get to you just hold tight and not spin your tires.  We had a huge hill to climb which gave a few people some problems.  Energy drink girls wandered around handing out free samples and there were other “pay to play” activities in the main venue area.  I’d probably do it again.  This is supposed to be a foam run.  Paid $70 to register, drove nearly 2 hours from RI, paid $10 to park OFF SITE, waited an hour to get a shuttle to site, missed our wave, they ran out of medals halfway through the day, then we had to wait 90 minutes for a shuttle back to the car.  Then you climbed through more mud and stood in line for 20 minutes to climb the cargo net (6 people at a time made it a long day).

This was one of the most fun obstacle course races I have done.  Worst obstacle event I have ever taken part of.  Apparently not, and of course MY kid was sorely disappointed when the volunteer who missed the two 10 year old girls run by him, but wouldn’t allow him to go up.  Terrible race company!  Fun and Well Organized.  While we were waiting in line for the slide (2 slides were down as people had keys in their pockets that punctured them) the volunteers were spraying us with water since New England was in a heat wave and it was about 95-100 degrees that day.  Was a good event overall.



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