ZOO Brew 2013 festival

ZOO Brew 2013 festival is held every Wednesday until August 28th in one of the best festivals to hit Des Moines Iowa.  The event features beer and wine tasting from local vendors with the ability to buy alcohol.  There is also live entertainment and the ability to walk around the zoom past operating times.
zoo brew 2013 festival
Zoo Brew 2013 festival
Wednesday through August 28, 2013
Where is Zoo Brew held:
ZOO Brew 2013 festival
7401 Southwest  9th Street
Des Moines, Iowa 50315

Events or activities to expect at Zoo Brew 2013:

Zoo Brew features Wine/Beer tasting from local vendors, live entertainment, ability to purchase alcohol, plus you get the chance to walk around the park after hours.
Every Wednesday has a different theme (Ex: Country Night, Wine Wednesday, etc)
Type of festival: beer and wine festival for 21+ event for alcohol tasting and enjoyment
Event times:  5:30 – 9 pm at the zoo.
Contact number for information or vendors: (optional): 515-974-2506




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