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  1. You have a number of 2013 Festivals listed with that I’d like to see! Festival Sundiata and many others were in June. You got a lot of festivals and events here.

    Here’s a little education lesson for you! On the Sundiata festival!!!
    Festival Sundiata
    Sundiata was incorporated in 1980, we have more than 30 years of bringing African/African-American Cultural Arts to the Seattle area.
    Festival Sundiata named in honor of Sundiata Keita the historic and legendary Mansa (King of Kings) of the Mali Empire in West Africa,
    celebrates the popular traditions of this national hero. King Sundiata rescued his people’s Griot while creating one of the most significant cultural and economic kingdoms in Africa. SUNDIATA festival (pronounced: Soon-jah-tah) FEST-EE-VAL, is the Pacific Northwest’s longest running African American festival celebrated in Seattle.

    The Festival, continues to showcase art, education and entertainment which depicts the colorful perspectives, culture and history of people of
    African descent. The partnerships consist of corporate supporters, community organizations and individuals that understand and value the
    contributions of Black people in society. The depth of talent is breathtaking and the SAACA organization is committed to providing a platform
    to showcase the blend of artistic abilities for seasoned and new artists alike. Our partnerships in the community allows us to stay authentic and
    grounded while being at the pulse of what’s new and hip across the generations in entertainment, art and education.

    We are truly about family and inter generational activities and opportunities. Most of all, we are about you. With the help of over 150 volunteers, Sundiata showcases local and regional Entertainment, Art and Photography Exhibits, Retail and Food Merchants and a dynamic Children’s Place. SAACA is currently soliciting year round support of volunteers and committee members.

    Year-round promotion, encouragement and support of public interest in traditional and contemporary African America Heritage, culture, arts and history. Such promotion, encouragement and support includes, but is not limited to, the annual production of Festival Sundiata, a cultural art festival.​​
    Promote and feature local African-American talents through: production of an annual cultural arts festival. Promotion and/or support of cultural educational lectures, forums, panels, discussions, radio and television programs. Increase the opportunities for African-American children and youth to express their creativity and to be exposed to their cultural heritage. Expand the cultural events and activities supported by SAACA to allow opportunity for regional, national and international exposure. Continue to increase attendance at, and participation in, Festival Sundiata, thus contributing to the education and cultural awareness of a greater proportion of the population. Provide the greatest amount of exposure to African-American and African art, heritage and culture to the largest number of people possible by continuing to host Festival Sundiata free of charge to the public.

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