Vermont State Fair 2014 festival

The Vermont State Fair 2013 festival will be in Rutland VT August 30 – September 8, 2013 and will be the biggest festival in the history of Vermont.  It for sure will be the greatest festival ever!

State Fair of VT 2013
State Fair of VT 2013

Expected Attendance: over  85,000

Location of the Vermont State Fair 2013 Festival

State Fair of Vermont 2013
175 South Main Street
Rutland, Vermont 05701

Dates of the Vermont State Fair August 30 – September 8, 2013

Vermont State Fair concerts and events: 


Doors open at 12pm
Michelle Bachman And Ike Turner will take the stage at 2pm
Doobie Brothers will close the show starting at 5pm

Vermont State Fair 2013 festival
Vermont State Fair 2013 festival

History of the Vermont State Fair

In the fall of 1846, the first Rutland fair took place in a field near Castleton with Frederick Button being the first President of the Rutland County Agricultural Society. The Rutland County Agricultural Society, Inc. d/b/a as the Vermont State Fair is the correct wording.

Originally, the fair was a one day gathering held annually in Rutland County. It became long enough in 1859 to have its own home, which became the Vermont State Fairgrounds. The Fair became a three-day event before the turn of the century, and a six-day event in 1933. In 1926, it was ranked among the top ten best fairs in the United States.

Like many state fairs, the fair closed in 1917 due to the influenza outbreak, and the fair remained a low key event during World War II. Later however, it regained its popularity.  Originally, the fair was named the Rutland Fair, and that remained its name until 1972, when the name was changed to the Vermont State Fair.

In 1859 the first Rutland Fair was held at it’s present location. The present land was known as the Rutland County Park back then. There is a provision in a deed that there must be a agricultural fair held on said property once a year.  After moving around Rutland County for a few years, the Rutland fair grew closer to Rutland City, sometimes setting up on land owned by John Cain (now Grove Street north of Crescent) or on the old Baxter Estate.

The first year the Fair was closed was in 1917 when the State of Vermont closed the Fair with all other public gatherings due to an epidemic of influenza.  The fairgrounds belongs to the RCAS, but if they do not have a Fair, it would convert to the original heirs and assigns of the original subscribers.

The Rutland rail yard came in 1849 and after a few years began putting extra cars on to bring people from all over Vermont and western New York.  The Fair started as a One day event, moved to a two day event and in 1893 the Fair was held for three days. By 1933 the Fair was a six day event.  In 1926 the Rutland fair was rated the third largest in New England and among the top 10 in the nation.  The discussion of pedestrian and automobile tunnels were first discussed in 1915. The auto tunnel was built in 1991 and the pedestrian tunnel was built in 1992.

On June 17, 1939 the great fire completely destroyed the grandstand. The reconstruction of the grandstand took just 40 days.  In 1942, with the United States in conflict with World War two, the Fair was only a one day event  Two cattle barns burned during the 1964 Fair.  The summer of 1970 brought the fire of the Arts and Crafts building. (now the location of the Presidents Building)

In 1972 The Rutland Fair became officially the Vermont State Fair  The Fair has had top name entertainers such as Loretta Lynn, Buck Owens, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Conway Twitty, Ronnie Milsap, Charlie Pride

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