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May NY events

You need to enjoy the moment of the FSR Peace Fest!

Fsr Peace Fest – FSRPeace Fest is a yearly fun and exciting event for individuals, family and community. We hosting New York Got Talent, featuring most talented and famous Artists. We promotes peace, love, unity, respect, compassion and quality of life in Homes and World Communities. FSRPeaceFest is a yearly …

New York Wood Festival in Erin NY

New York Wood Festival in Erin NY Mar 11, 2014 – 10:17PM Festival genre: Culture fest Top events at the festival: Lumberjacks, Lumberjills, Chainsaw Artist, 5 words to sum up this festival: Lumber Jack Show, Chainsaw Artist, Art Auction Festival Address: 1465 Breesport Road Erin, NY, New York, 14838 United …

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