Festival and event submission options and requirements

We have changed our submission and acceptance process to really speed up things.  Below we have the different options to get your event listed on the site along with the requirements for each.  How things are listed here.  Below you will find the different options including free submissions, ad-free submissions, vending listings, and featured listings that appear site-wide.

Under each of the requirements or general guidelines, we try to include anchor citation to jump you to reasoning behind recommendations in postings, prohibited content in submission etc.  Please read all these options to find the one that works best for you and your event.

For more details on each of these options, after you decide on one, we include a link to our guidelines and rules for submissions and options.  Don’t let this scare you off though, the rules are requirements are cut and dry and include anchor links to deliver you to reasoning and explanation to be totally clear and transparent of why certain things are prohibited in a post as well as what is allowed and/or encouraged in listings.

  • Free standard listing
  • One submission per email.
  • Totally free of charge

You will be given a authorship password to our site, where you can create your own post.

Posts must be ranked as having good readability and SEO score.  This is for your benefit as much as it is for our site.  These guidelines give your event the absolute best chance to get ranked on the first page of Google search.  The guidelines and tips to get the SEO and readability score up to par are very cut and dry and we have images showing were this is found on our authorship page.

wordpress winter festival seo yoast image
WordPress SEO Yoast window

You are allowed and required to list your event in the state category where your event will be held.  We have a category for every state in the US, Washington DC, as well a broad category for all international events.  These categories are important because every category page on our site are indexed and followed by Google’s search bot, which gets you listed and found not just by people searching for your event, but if they are searching for say “Georgia events” and your event is in that category, you’ll increase your search results and number of ways people can come across your event post.
You are allowed to include your event in up to 3 tags which show up in search and if the particular tag result page is indexed by google

Next, you publish your page and we check your submission out to see if it is compliment with the requirements listed above; and if  it is we confirm your submission and your event is live.  Google will be notified of the event listing and your event will be “index” so that your listing will be found not just via the direct post url, but also through our post page index, category index, and tag index.

  • No profanity, sexual images or content.
  • No racist or sexist content.
  • No events promoting hate, bigotry, or violence.

Links: You are allowed one link offsite to your website with our free submissions. BUT in order to have link accepted, what ever page you link to has to have a link back to our site on that page.   So if you want a link to your home page for instance, then we require a link back to us on your home page; so keep this in mind when you submit.

Ads: On all of our free submissions, we have Google adsense activated which Google uses to deliver advertisements that visitors see.  The number of ads on a post range from 1-3 and this is controlled by Google.  This is how we are able to have free submissions for your events; it is worth our while with the advertisement revenue, and we allow you to get your events listed free of charge.
Some people dislike these ads associated with their posts, which lead us to our Ad-free submissions.

Featured Event Listing
Featured Event Listing
Ad free top rated event

Festivals4fun submission options

Ad free multi listing

If you want to be able to have ad free listings, multi link postings, as well as well as 5 daily posts for a 5 day period at just $10.  We also work with you to get your postings SEO rich as mentioned above but take a more active approach(if desired or if you need help with the SEO ranking).

The content guidelines regarding profanity, racist or sexist event and hateful posts apply here as well.

Allowed to have as many links in your post as desired, providing the links are not to flagged websites or associated with sexual content or spamming that might negatively affect our site.

Daily reminders of your event for up to 10 days shared with our twitter and facebook followers and Google+ pages.

Allow vendor applications, accept payment for vending slots available, as well as 50% promo packages through Prime Time Print such as customized shot glasses with your festival or event logo as low as $0.25 ea. and easily selling for $5 a piece and selling out of them in no time.  For more info on this, please contact Prime Time Print.

Gets your event image listed and index by Google and added to Pinterest as well.

Featured event listing

Get your event featured for up to 30 days, including prominent featuring on our sidebar and widgets.  Daily reminders of your event on our twitter and facebook pages, SEO high quality content help on your posts (if desired); to make sure your event and post get optimized for google, bing, yahoo, and a plethora of search engines.  Multiple links available in your posts.  Author credentials so you can post when you feel like with no delay to get posting approved. $25.

These packages have all the perks and requirements from the ad-free listings, but the added bonus of being highlighted throughout our entire site in the widget areas, sidebars, and front pages.  You’ll also be sent to our feedburner feed to get you listed on there as well.

With this option, festival packages of customized shot glasses as low as $0.10 each.

Have a full authorship password allowing you to streamline your reminders, or post more than one event and not have to wait for us to approve them each time (though you will still be expected to get your readability and SEO score in the okay range).

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