Scanfair festival in Portland a true Scandinavian Christmas

While you may have heard some buzz about the Scanfair festival you will want to read some of the facts that make it one of the most loved events in the greatest city in the nation! ¬†Read below for the top 8 reasons you don’t want to miss out on the fun and excitement at this great event! Celebrate the sights, sounds, tastes and traditions of a Scandinavian Christmas! Scandinavians love to celebrate Christmas.

It brings joy to the short and dark days of a Scandinavian winter. Those traditions run deep in the hearts and lives of the people of Scandinavian heritage and come alive every year in Portland at ScanFair. This is the 29th year that the Scandinavian Heritage Foundation (SHF) and the Nordic community will gather to celebrate the fun, the food and the traditions of a Scandinavian Christmas with ScanFair, a holiday festival and market.

Scanfair festival
Scanfair festival

Address of Scanfair festival

Exhibit Hall of the Veterans Memorial Coliseum, 300 N. Winning Way Portland, Oregon, 97227 United States

Scanfair Dates

The Scanfair festival is a 6 day celebration with events starting on December 7, 2013

Top 8 reasons to go to the Scanfair festivities

  1. Nordic
  2. dance
  3. groups
  4. Scandinavian
  5. pickled
  6. herring
  7. eating

Scanfair celebration Genre

Culture fest

Estimated attendance: ca. 5000

Top 5 words associated with the fest

  1. Entertainment
  2. Scandinavian dance groups and
  3. talented Scandinavian musicians
  4. Oregon
  5. Washington
Vending Options

There are no openings for vendors.




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