Rockport Chamber Music festival

While you may have heard some buzz about the Rockport Chamber Music festival you will want to read some of the facts that make it one of the most loved events in the greatest city in the nation!

Read below for the top 8 reasons you don’t want to miss out on the fun and excitement at this great event! Located in the scenic seaport village of Rockport, Massachusetts, Rockport Music presents exceptional musical performances and events year round, including the acclaimed Rockport Chamber Music Festival which is a 5 week festival in June and early July of the highest calibre of classical music. Throughout the year, Rockport Music also presents classical, jazz, folk and world music.

Address of Rockport Chamber Music festival

37 Main Street
Rockport, Massachusetts, 01966
United States

Rockport Chamber Music Dates

The Rockport Chamber Music festival is  March 27, 2014 Single Tickets: April 16, ..

Top 8 reasons to go to the Rockport Chamber Music festivities

  1. Canadian
  2. Brass,
  3. Calder
  4. String
  5. A
  6. Far
  7. Cry

Rockport Chamber Music celebration Genre

Music festival

Estimated attendance: 6,000 (over 5 weeks)

Top 5 words associated with the fest

  1. Classical music
  2. chamber music
  3. seaside venue
  4. 0
  5. 0
Vending Options

There are no openings for vendors.




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