Rhythm Shuffle Festival information and history

Rhythm Shuffle Festival
Top 5 events to see at the festival

1. World class instructors,

2. side trip to Niagara Falls,

3. great competitors,

4. Battle of the Bands,

5. Buffalo waterfront in September.

Festival Address:
927 Grant St.
Buffalo, New York, 14207
United States

Festival dates:

9/12/2014 to 9/14/2014

September NY events

Festival Genre: cultural festivals
Festival Website: www. rhythmshuffle.com
Attendance: 90
5 words to sum up this great festival: Fanstastic Balboa Workshop Weekend

Festival Summary:
Rhythm Shuffle 2014 is Swing Buffalo’s seventh annual swing dance workshop. Our goal each year is to spread the pure fun and enjoyment of historical forms of swing dance, and this year we’re making it all about Balboa. Each year we bring in some of the world’s top swing dance instructors, and this year we’re offering double the instruction! Not only are we bringing Nick Williams and Sylvia Sykes back for the fourth year in a row, we’re also bringing in Jen Barnett and Jacob Wigger!
By signing up, you will enjoy a weekend of thoughtful learning from four of the best Balboa instructors on the planet – instructors who are helpful, friendly, and down to earth.
Each year, our workshop gets bigger and better. Swing Buffalo, as a community organization, works hard to provide the best experience possible at an affordable price. As a community, we work hard all year round to make this event something we can be proud of. In doing so, we hope to inspire and excite you and show you how much better the world could be if we all just learned to dance!
This workshop will offer 2 level based tracks: intermediate and advanced. We offer free housing for out-of-town dancers and our feature dance will feature a “Battle of the Bands,” between two premier jazz bands from the Buffalo area! The weekend will also include late night dancing, Jack and Jill competitions and mini-group private lesson with one of the instructors!


Rhythm Shuffle Festival 2014 was an event that was held last year and a great community event.
Rhythm Shuffle Festival 2014
Date Published: 09/09/2014
Rhythm Shuffle Festival 2014 got a review of 2.5 stars out of 4
2.5 / 4 stars



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