Portland Rose Festival

Portland Rose Festival

Jul 30, 2013 – 12:46PM

Name 5 of the top events to see at the festivals: Spirit Mountain Casino Grand Floral Parade, Portland General Electric/SOLVE Starlight Parade, Fred Meyer Junior Parade, CityFair. Portland Rose Society Annual Rose Show.

Your top 5 best words to describe your festival or event?: Arts, education, environment, patriotism, volunteerism

What type of festival is it? (festival genre): Music festival, Arts festival, Food or wine, Culture fest, Carnival, Parade, Fireworks, Holidays

Address of festival:
1020 SW Naito Parkway
Portland, Oregon 97204
United States

Expected Attendance (optional): 1,000,000

Festival / event start date: 5/19/2014 – 6/16/2014

If you have a website, please enter it here (we appreaciate any links back to our website as well. hint, hint): RoseFestival.org

Openings for vendors still available to purchase?: No

Referred By: http://festivals4fun.com/submit-your-festival-event-to-our-list-by-answering-10-questions-describing-your-event/

Part of Portland’s popular culture for more than a century, the Rose Festival has its roots in tradition while its programming is both contemporary and nostalgic. Foresighted city leaders started the festival during the first decade of the 20th Century in order to put Portland on the map and brand it the ‘summer capital of the world.’ Little did they know that more than a hundred summers later the Rose Festival would be world famous for its amazing, award-winning events, as well as serving as a community leader for celebrating values like volunteerism, patriotism and environmentalism. In 2010, the Rose Festival was finally acknowledged as Portland’s Official Festival by proclamation of the Council.

Portland Rose Festival
Portland Rose Festival
Portland Rose Festival 10 out of 10 stars
10 / 10 stars



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