Piedmont Park Arts And Crafts Festival’s History

Piedmont Park Arts And Crafts Festival’s History  The Atlanta Foundation for Public Spaces will host its third annual arts and crafts festival at Piedmont Park on August 17-18 in Midtown and it’s full of surprises! Up to 250 artists and artisans will display their works during this two-day event along paths in the park. Plus, expect a Guinness World Record attempt presented by HoopEssence and “Cirque du Piedmont” performances by the Imperial Opa Circus on Saturday! This event consistently ranks among the region’s top art events year after year, with great attention to every detail from helping customers to supporting artists. Even the food is known as the most innovative at any southeastern art festival! 

Jul 11, 2013 – 11:02AM

5 of the top events to see at the Piedmont Park Arts And Crafts Festival: vendors, singers, food trucks, artists, hula-hoop

Your top 5 best words to describePiedmont Park Arts And Crafts Festival?: free, family, art, music, food

What type of festival is Piedmont Park Arts And Crafts Festival: Arts festival

Address of festival:
215 Piedmont Park Ave NE
Atlanta, Georgia, 30309
United States

Expected Attendance (optional): 25000

Festival / event start date: 08/17/2013

Festival end date (only for multi day events): 18/08/2013


Openings for vendors still available to purchase?: Yes – some spots open but vendors are prohibited from sales using the festival name

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