Man, the Philadelphia Honey Festival is gonna rock this year!

The Philadelphia Honey Festival is comprised of three days packed full of events and activities that serve to raise awareness about the importance of bees to our environment, the impact of local honey on our economy, and to promote urban beekeeping and gardening. The best part is that all of the events are free!

Name 5 of the top events to see at the Philadelphia Honey Festival: Honey of a Happy Hour, Mead Tasting,

Your top 5 best words to describe the Philadelphia Honey Festival?: Fun, Educational, Innovative, Family Oriented

What type of festival is it? (festival genre): Science or Nature

Address of festival:
1700 West Montgomery Avenue
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19121
United States

Expected Attendance (optional): 1400

Festival / event start date: 7/6/2013 – July 8th

If you have a website, please enter it here (we appreaciate any links back to our website as well. hint, hint):

Openings for vendors still available to purchase?: No

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