Parma Music Festival

Parma Music Festival

Rukkus Names PARMA Music Festival Among Its Top 30 F…
Welcome back! It’s starting to warm up and feel more like spring here in New Hampshire; similarly, plans for the 2015 PARMA Music Festival are heating up.

Taking place August 14-16 in Portsmouth NH, this year’s nonprofit Festival will feature Boston- and DC-based rock group Kingsley Flood as well as the second annual presentation of The Shakespeare Concerts. Concerts and events will be held at a number of venues including 3S Artspace, one of the newest hot spots in Portsmouth; Prescott Park; The Music Hall’s Historic Theater; and Buoy Gallery and The Dance Hall in Kittery ME. More updates regarding artists, events, programming, and venues are on their way.

In the meantime, Rukkus, an online guide to live music which “scours tons of diverse music scenes across the U.S. to find the best live acts in music today,” has named the PARMA Music Festival one of its top 30 favorite festivals in the country! You can read the full post HERE.

Stay tuned for more exciting news about this year’s Festival!
Mar 9, 2015 2:48:10 PM
What a great four days! Endless thanks to our sponsors, donors, PARMA Music Festival staff, musicians, composers, venues and fans. And an even bigger thank you to The city of Portsmouth for supporting new music and the arts and welcoming our Festival to this beautiful city.

Stay tuned for next year!


Since its inception, the non-profit PARMA Music Festival seeks to celebrate authentic musicianship and artistry by bringing together audiences and artists from across multiple genres. Taking place in the picturesque seacoast towns of Portsmouth, New Hampshire and Kittery, Maine, the Festival showcases artists in a variety of venues including churches, parks, art galleries, and concert halls.

The PARMA Music Festival is an annual celebration of the best in contemporary music, from classical and jazz to electronic and rock and much more. With everything from live music to panel discussions to visual art and educational events, the Festival brings together a diverse crowd to perform, collaborate, and listen.

Music is Music: The 2013 PARMA Music Festival

“Music is music,” says Bob Lord, composer, bassist and CEO of PARMA Recordings. This is the only way in which Lord apologizes for otherwise unapologetically programing acts such as a rock singer/guitarist, a jazz band, a string quartet, and a symphony orchestra in one concert.

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Parma Music Festival to spread wealth of sound music across city

“The city of Portsmouth will once again be transformed by the second installment of the Parma Music Festival, this year running from Aug. 13 to 16.

Last year’s fest blurred the lines of the canned musical term “genre,” and this year figures to expound upon the buzz that arose from the inaugural celebration.”

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Music, Music, Music
PARMA festival brings four days of free shows to Portsmouth

“Audiences will be exposed to a diverse contemporary musical landscape when the PARMA Music Festival returns to Portsmouth, N.H. from Aug. 13 to 16.”

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The non-profit Festival’s mission is to present compelling and eclectic music in diverse live settings to new and existing audiences, all while showcasing the beauty and culture the Seacoast has to offer. Each summer the Festival brings artists, composers, students, ensembles, and performers from all over the world to Seacoast NH to perform a wide variety of music in traditional and non-traditional venues.

all for Scores

Stay tuned for information about the PARMA Music Festival Call for Scores.

The Festival also partners with local and international arts organizations to program these unique concerts. While showcasing both local and international talent, multiple genres of music are presented from the concert hall to the local bar, with many surprising experiments and educational opportunities along the way.

The city-wide musical showcase is the brainchild of PARMA Recordings, a New England-based music company specializing in orchestral, chamber, choral, and commercial recordings as well as distribution, product design, strategic marketing, and licensing and publishing. The Festival is part of PARMA Recordings’ continuing mission to bring fresh and interesting music to new audiences in a variety of formats.

Audiences will be exposed to a diverse contemporary musical landscape when the PARMA Music Festival returns to Portsmouth, N.H. from Aug. 13 to 16.
In planning the festival, organizers choose performers with an eye toward work that’s accessible and fun, said Bob Lord, CEO of PARMA Recordings.
This year, the second time the festival has come to Portsmouth, there will be even more performances to enjoy.
“We’ve expanded from three days to four,” Lord said.
Except for the The Main Event on Saturday night, every performance at the festival is free.
“We want to lower the barrier for entry and let as many people as possible to experience something new musically and artistically,” Lord said. “It’s a multi-genre series of events … The nighttime events are going to be particularly fun, (featuring things like a) classical guy sitting alongside a rock-and-roll guy, improvising.”
■ In The Key of C-SPAN, Wednesday at 2 p.m. in North Church of Portsmouth, “Illustrates our company’s commitment to music in media,” said Lord.
■ For kids, Lord pointed to “Peter and the Wolf” at Prescott Park on Saturday at noon. The show takes place on Prescott Park’s 40th anniversary and connects with the history of the place. “Peter and the Wolf was part of its original season,” Lord said. “The show is in part a celebration of Prescott Park’s history.”

Parma Music Festival in New Hampshire
Parma Music Festival is spreading the wealth of sound


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“We are putting Portsmouth on the map for contemporary music – a high-energy, genre-bending cross-section of local and international acts, from classical to electronica, jazz to rock – composers, musicians and fans can explore, create, and connect at concerts, talks, and over cocktails. Come be a part of it!”

– Bob Lord, CEO of PARMA Recordings and Festival Producer

With a wide and diverse range of acts, spanning classical ensembles and indie rock bands to multimedia artists and jazz groups, the Festival presents eclectic and engaging performances that are sure to entertain myriad musical tastes.



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