Overton Square Crawfish Festival is one not to miss

Overton Square Crawifhs festival in assocation with On Location: MEMPHIS the international film and music festival.  When you aren’t sucking the heads or eating the tails, stroll through the Arts and Crafts market to take home a trinket of the fest or grab some brew and enjoy one of the many regional musical acts performing from Noon – 6 pm. A great children’s area where you can explore your inner child or your child’s inner artist and a great non -profit area where you can sign up to make a difference in the community.
Official name of festival or event: Overton Square Crawfish Festival
Date: 1st or 2nd Saturday in April


2094 Madison Avenue

Memphis Tennessee
Events or activities to expect: Cajun Cuisine, live regional musical performances, arts and crafts fair, children’s area

Type of festival:

Music and Food
Description of festival:

The Overton Square Crawfish Festival is a one day FREE admission festival celebrating the Bayou Bar and Grill. Located along a 1/4 mile strip of Madison Avenue in the heart of Midtown Memphis, this festival offers up steaming heaps of Crawfish and other Cajune delicacies in the hippest atmosphere in town.

Proceeds benefit Livitup – a great non-profit organization that works to advance the indepencenc, productivity and full citizenship of people with various types of disabilities. So of course the festival is handicapped friendly but we as that all pets stay home and no coolers be brought on site so we can raise more money for Livitup! Follow us on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Overton-Square-Memphis-Crawfish-Festival/124191457649432

Expected attendance

Contact number for information or vendors: 901-626-9685



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