NuVoices for a nuGeneration 2013 play festival in Charlotte NC

NuVoices for a nuGeneration 2013 festival also known simply as nuVoices is a new play festival set up to honor and encourage emerging playwrights of the American Theatre, as well as develop the next generation of regional artists, during this 7 day festival.
NuVoices for a nuGeneration 2013 Dates

August 4 to 11, 2013

Expected attendance of over 1,400

Address of the Charlotte NuVoices theater festival

NuVoices for a nuGeneration 2013
650 E Stonewall Street
Charlotte, North Carolina 28202

Reasons to check out NuVoices for a nuGeneration festival 2013:

8 staged readings of the 4 finalist plays (2 readings per play) chosen by Theatre dramaturgs. Readings occur Thursday, August 8, 2013, through Sunday, August 11, 2013.
Type of festival: (i.e. music festival, food festival, country fair, cultural fest, etc.) play festival (theatre)

Description of NuVoices 2013 festival:

Actor’s Theatre of Charlotte (ATC) created the nuVoices festival to honor and encourage emerging playwrights of the American Theatre, as well as develop the next generation of regional artists. During the 7-day festival, ATC brings the 4 chosen playwrights to Charlotte and holds 2 script-in-hand readings of each play. Over the course of the week, each playwright will develop the play while interacting with a cast and director. At the conclusion of the festival, one script is chosen as the winner by a combination of audience feedback and critical review. The winner will receive a main stage production in ATC’s 2014 – 2015 season.

Contact number for information or vendors:

NuVoices for a nuGeneration ( 704)342-2251 ext.21

The 2013 nuVoices festival will include staged readings of the following plays:

Carl aka Karl by DT Arcieri
A heartless businessman, who runs the family empire, is in conflict with his agoraphobic, magician brother over their parents’ estate. Personalities and values collide in this theatrical, comedic rendering.

River City by Diana Grisanti
Shaken by her father’s death, Mary sets off to uncover three generations’ worth of family secrets buried in the West End of Louisville, Kentucky. River City charts Mary’s journey, which spans four decades, and investigates race, memory, and the ghosts that haunt one American city.

The Seer and the Witch by Jennifer Lane
The past and present collide in the forms of Eleanor and Emily, two women living a century apart who both haunt the same corner room at the Elgin Institute of Mental Health. They are each other’s only solace in a story that explores the nature of the female experience and how it has changed over the course of a hundred years, and how it has not.

The Perfect Wife by Karen Lewis
Paul and “Natalie” appear to share a fairly ideal May/December marriage until Paul’s daughter Sarah re-enters their lives. Disgusted by what she discovers, Sarah focuses on destroying their relationship. Despite the ultimate failure of Sarah’s master plan, Paul’s reaction to it, coupled with his jealousy and irrational outbursts force “Natalie” to a solution that will preserve his illusion of her as the “perfect wife”. The Perfect Wife is an unusual love story about family devotion.


NuVoices for a nuGeneration 2013
NuVoices for a nuGeneration 2013 is an event worth checking out.
4.5 / 5 stars



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