Natchez Music festival 2013

Natchez Music festival 2013 – Natchez Festival of Music in Natchez, Mississippi and near Jackson Mississippi will be one of the top Music festivals in Mississippi for 2013.




Date:  Year-around with a May Festival Season
Location: Natchez, Mississippi-Venues are at performance facilities (i.e., auditorium), antebellum homes, churches, lecture halls, hotel lobbies, restaurants, downtown courtyards, parks
Events or activities to expect:

Pop, jazz, Broadway, opera;  Most events include pre-parties and some include galas in antebellum homes
Type of festival: (i.e. music festival, food festival, country fair, cultural fest, etc.):  Music
Description of festival:  Can be as long and detailed as you prefer, and in fact, the longer the better listed and organized you will be on our site.
Contact number for information or vendors:  Mary Lessley, Chair, Phone 601.442.4272 or Virginia Gerace Benoist, Marketing and Publicity, Phone 601.445.4148

The Natchez Festival of Music is the primary sponsor of live, world-class music and theater, as well as internationally and nationally recognized performers, in southwest Mississippi and the eastern region of central Louisiana (the Miss-Lou) year-around leading up to the May Festival Season.  The Festival provides positive performing opportunities for outstanding up and coming young artists during the Season and leading up to the Season with the outreach school enrichment program in the Miss-Lou.  Auditions are held in New York City and Natchez in the fall.  Hotel, B&B and restaurant specials may be paired with tickets for a fabulous experience.  The 2013 Season featured internationally known Metropolitan Opera performers in concert: Paul Groves, Lucas Meachem and Emily Pulley.  Visit aezfestivalofmusic.c for details about the Festival and events.



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