The Marquette New Years Fest on January 1, 2014 will be huge!

The Marquette New Years Fest is one crazy celebration that you should not miss. The fest is held in Marquette, Michigan which is part of Marquette County, annually on January 1, 2014 since 1933. The event brings in visitors from all over the world. The city has numerous to brag about and many events to be proud of. But if you asked average visitors in Marquette, Michigan what they look forward to, they would tell you Marquette New Years Fest without hesitation!

Marquette New Years Fest

Dates of The Marquette New Years Fest

The dates generally have been on January 1, 2014 but in past years the event has rotated the days depending on venue availability. Please check up or update your event’s official times or pass along any update to this event. This event is missing needed date and times for this years event.

Republicans can’t stop the fun

If you are worried about the celebration being shut down by the Republicans like the government, don’t worry.. Republicans and the GOP have been given a lesson in Messin! The great people of MI don’t need to worry about the GOP crashing the party and making sure nobody has fun.. not on our time! The Marquette New Years Fest is here to stay!

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Marquette New Years Fest Festival Packages for vendors

Each year there are millions of Americans that enjoy going to events across the country like The Marquette New Years Fest. These events not only are great for the community, these events are great for businesses and entrepreneurs.
Marquette New Years Fest customized glassware vending



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