Kentucky Guild Of Artists And Craftsmen Fall Fair

Kentucky Guild Of Artists And Craftsmen Fall Fair

Festival genre: Arts festival

Name 5 of the top events to see at the festivals (seperated by commas): Basketmaking, painting, jewelry making, weaving, woodturning

5 top words describing this festival: Outstanding, fine crafts, friendly, family oriented

Address of festival:
Indian Fort Theatre
Berea, Kentucky, 40403
United States

Estimated Attendance for festival: 4000

Official website (only links shown of sites linking back to ours):

Festival dates: 10/11/2014

End date: 10/12/2014

Openings for vendors still available to purchase?: Yes – some spots open but vendors are prohibited from sales using the festival name

This event is one of Kentucky’s finest juried members’ art festivals. The Kentucky Guild was founded in 1961, and is the oldest organization of its’ kind in Kentucky. Enjoy beautiful handmade arts and crafts, regional foods, entertainment and much more.



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