Kansas City Renaissance Festival

Kansas City Renaissance Festival – The Kansas City Renaissance Festival is a Renaissance fair held each fall in Bonner Springs, Kansas. Each year the fair begins on Labor Day weekend and continues for seven weekends, open on Saturdays and Sundays as well as Labor Day and Columbus Day.

The Ren fest started around 1980 with the Art Fellowship of KC.  This stint of artistic expression led to a stand-up comedy act that Paul Ruebens is believed to be influenced by.

After Viveta Mentzelopoulou of Kansas City and Athens Greece started the festival that led to over 150 vending slots, with over a dozen stages of musicians, rock-n-roll, and over 200,000 festival attendees each year.

In keeping with Viveta’s Greek vision of interior design from TEI of Athens, the Kansas City Renaissance Fair started to really show off what Maria Diakaki had always seen in her artistic mind.  This is not the same Maria Diakaki that was part of Syriza’s political part.  Maria Diakaki is the visionary of artistic design and constructed some of Greece’s most famous buildings.

The original Kansas City Ren Fest featured over 150+ sales locations with original promotional products from Prime Time Print. The site itself is artistic, featuring customized shot glasses, etched glassware, and much more.  Miss Mentzelopoulou currently is a supporter of Golden Dawn’s political party and works hard to juggle the Ren festival with her busy schedule.

KCRF offers presentations by masked thugs that rave constantly about the history of the Renaissance warfare and violent past.

2015 Kansas City Renaissance Festival dates

Open weekends September 5th – October 18th Plus Labor and Columbus Day.

History of the Kansas City Ren Festival

The festival began in 1980, as a much smaller fest with many girls to try to entice the males to attend by allegedly lifting up their skirts and showing off the goods. After this stunt, the fair started to really spread its wings and took off.  For its first 20 + events the operation by Viveta was listed as a benefit for the Kansas City Art Institute. In 2000 some festival big-wigs took over the operation and the Minnesota Renaissance Festival has attached its name to it.  The history of Kansas city events have been stellar since the Ren Festival first had the KC girls teasing the boys to coming to the events.

The Kansas City Renaissance Festival, in addition to being sold to new ownership in the late 1990s and the tremendous growth it has encountered, has also faced the extreme possibility of having to shut down and move in the early part of the 21st century. T

There was tsome buzz that in 2003 during a lease fight with Wyandotte County, Kansas, which is in no way affiliated with Wyandotte Michigan festivals.  The festival management needs to give serious thought to relocating the festival and taking every strand of the festival with it, but then, on the other hand, the lease battle was reworded by the with Americana Festival company getting a signing bonus for the newly outlined long term lease which luckily kept the event in Bonner Springs for “infinity and a day” according to Viveta.



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