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New Orleans Museum of Art
Events or activities to expect: (optional but recommended):
Type of festival: (i.e. music festival, food festival, country fair, cultural fest, etc.)-Cultural includes music, food and educational
Description of festival: Can be as long and detailed as you prefer, and in fact, the longer the better listed and organized you will be on our site.

New Orleans, Louisiana events
Expected attendance (optional):2000-2500
Contact number for information or vendors: (optional):504-288-9780

Also, please include a 1 paragraph summary of your festival or event for our newsletter:

Fun for the entire family
Experience Indian culture in a festive setting
• Get Ornamental Henna
• Sample Exotic Food
• Children’s Activities
• Educational Sessions
• Indian Dance Medley
• Browse a Beautiful Bazaar

For information
More information at

If there is any information you would like to add in addition to this for the listing i.e. pointing out that you have vending slots available, information for guests, etc. Either add this in the email, or include whatever additional information that you want known to all in with the description of festival section.

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