Gulf State Fair – Introducing the Training Grounds

Gulf State Fair information –

The “Training Grounds” is an innovative leadership program designed to transform the guest service experience of the Greater Gulf State Fair by taking future community leaders and enhancing their skills with superb leadership and guest service training.

Based upon the principles of the Disney Parks and Resorts, as taught by the incredible staff at the Disney Institute, this leadership program is certain to enhance the skills of all who graduate from the program.

Graduates of the Training Grounds will then get to implement their newly learned skills over the course of the 10 days of the Greater Gulf State Fair while being personally mentored by over a dozen former Disney employees who were accepted, excelled, and completed the Disney College Program.

The Training Grounds is the first program to take Disney College Program graduates and have them mentor the future leaders of our community. Be a part of our team – Join the Grounds Crew.

Apply Now for The Training Grounds Program!

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from The Grounds – Mobile, AL 



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