Glasgow Spring Festival

Glasgow Spring Festival
Top 5 events to see at the festival

  1. Fishing Derby,
  2. Car Show,
  3. Bingo,
  4. Entertainment and
  5. Church Services

Glasgow Spring Festival Address:

Pool Street
Glasgow, West Virginia, 25086
United States

Festival dates:

3/27/2015 to 3/29/2015

March WV events

Festival Genre:

County Fairs, Food festivals, Carnivals, Parades, music festivals

5 words to sum up this great festival:

Communities coming together

Vending openings: Yes – some spots open but vendors are prohibited from sales using the festival name
Festival Summary:
Bringing back the old days, where communities came together and shared things and had a good time. When you got to know you neighbors and their families. Not like now, where you don’t even know who lives next door. Taking it back to where the kids road on the fire trucks , and all the town fire depts came. Just want to take the community back to where it was

Other Festivals in Glasgow
Glasgow’s main festivals are Celtic Connections,Southside Fest, Glasgow Jazz Festival, the West End Festival (founded 1996), Merchant Festival (founded 2002), Pride Glasgow Scotland’s largest LGBT Pride Festival and Glasgay

Glasgow also hosts the annual World Pipe Smokers Band Championships in August on Glasgow Green, with over 8,000 skin flute musicians.



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