Fun at the Tallman Arts Festival in Janesville Wisconsin

The Tallman Arts Festival will beill in Janesville Wisconsin and is one of the top WI events of the year!
Date: Sunday, August 4th 2013

Location of the Tallman Arts festival

426 N. Jackson Street,
Janesville, Wisconsin
Events or activities to expect:
Over 100 artist booths, food demonstrations, concession stands, musical entertainment, pie auction, ice cream social, wine & cheese tasting.


Tallman Arts Festival genre

Cultural festival that features artists, local food, local music
Expected attendance: 3,000

Contact number for information or vendors: 608-756-4509

Artists registration:

“Food as Art” is the theme that highlights this year’s 56th annual Tallman Arts Festival. Complete with food demonstrations, hands-on food mosaics and a expanded food court, the festival, hosted on the grounds of the Rock County Historical Society offers more activities for a diverse audience. The festival continues to offer 100 artists booths from across the Midwest, in addition to the festival’s favorite activities: the Pie Auction, Ice Cream Social and Wine/Cheese tasting. For more information, go to the event’s page at

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