Ephemera Festival in Lexington Kentucky

Ephemera Festival – Ephemera Festival is a celebration of DIY culture. Zines, comics, paper crafts and other handmade items will be on display. This event was first organized in 2005 by Michelle Aiello, creator of Indigo zine. Since then, it has been a semi-annual event that gives independent creators an opportunity to show their work, network and educate people about what they do.

EF-ah-MHER-ah – noun

1. briefly lived or ephemeral.
2. certain things created for a specific set of time with a useful purpose that is fleeting such as tickets, newspaper current events, magazines, pamphlets, notices,  etc.

The Ephemera Festival at DePaul University in September 2005 and was subtitled “Do It Yourself celebration culture” to give independent innovative minds an opportunity to show display their creations, artwork, as well as informing others what they’re about.

Type of Festival: Arts festival

2014 was a big year for Ephemera Fest! We went from a crew of two to seven, and we held the event at the Carnegie Center for Literacy & Learning, which will now be our regular space. Not only is their mission similar to ours, but we had a ton of room and offered more to do that ever before. With six workshops, 20+ writers reading their work and close to 40 vendors! We also got  some amazing local press. Check us out in Chevy Chaser Magaine

ephemera festival 2014 in Lexington Kentucky
Ephemera festival 2014 in Lexington Kentucky

Top 5 events at the Ephemera Festival

  1. zines,
  2. comics,
  3. greeting cards,
  4. visual art,
  5. paper crafts

Top 5 words describing the festivities: books, magazines, diy, indie, crafts

Address of Ephemera Festival

Main Street
Lexington, Kentucky, 40507
United States

Official Event Page for festival: http://indigozine.com/ephemera-festival/

Festival / event start date: June in Lexington Kentucky

Openings for vendors still available to purchase?: Yes – some spots open but vendors are prohibited from sales using the festival name




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