Enchanted Evening

An Enchanted Evening
Date: 6/29/13
Location: 4 Sandacres Lane Quogue New York’s top festivals
Events or activities to expect: (optional but recommended): Casino, Dancing, Dinner, Auctions
Type of festival: (i.e. music festival, food festival, country fair, cultural fest, etc.) Gala Benefit
Description of festival:  Can be as long and detailed as you prefer, and in fact, the longer the better listed and organized you will be on our site.
Expected attendance (optional): 650
Contact number for information or vendors: (optional): 631-288-7080

Also, please include a 1 paragraph summary of your festival or event for our newsletter: This benefit is crucial to East End Hospice’s economic well-being and priceless to Hospice in terms of raising public awareness. The lovely evening on the waterfront, with its more than 600 attendees, a 100 page journal, and high interest from the press, helps communicate to the community that quality Hospice care is available to all patients and families enduring one of life’s most difficult challenges.

Over the years this party has grown into one of the highlights of the Long Island summer season.  Our guests include year-round Long Island residents and also a large number of New Jersey, Connecticut and New York City residents who have second homes on Eastern Long Island, all who support Hospice by attending this event and participating in the auction.



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