EcoArt Fest 2014 in Austin Texas

EcoArt Fest 2014
Celebrate art, sustainability, & community education
Saturday August , 2014, 4-7pm
Austin EcoSchool
4105 Manchaca,
Austin, Texas 78704
-Live Music from 18 Below youth bands (
-Local Food & Drinks
-Workshops on Sustainable Living
-Interactive Art projects & Cardboard Building
-Art & Green Technology Vendors
-Student Project Presentations of: 
        -Geodesic Dome Building
-Water collection system with cob murals
-Renewable Energy Projects
-Student-Made Films with environmental messages
Free and Kid Friendly!
The Austin EcoSchool is located one block north of Ben White and Manchaca, turn East on Fort View and park and enter through the back gate.Want to have a booth or lead a workshop? Want to volunteer? Have a question? Contact info@growintogether.orgEvent sponsored by Art Alliance and 18 Below.
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Growin’ Together offers youth the opportunity to use tools and develop skills by doing group projects led by professionals from our community.
Movie-Making Mondays
See your imagination come to life
Professional filmmakers take students on a journey through everything it takes to make a film. A series of hands-on, interactive workshops cover storytelling, script writing, character development, acting, camerawork, special effects, costume design, prop-making, set construction, music, and sound effects. Students then work as a group to create an original film from start to finish and organize a film screening. All parts of the imagination come to life on screen!
Taught by Eric Neal-Allred, BS in Film Studies from Full Sail Real World Education, has worked on 18 professional films as a director, producer, editor, and screenwriter.

Cooking Thursdays
Cooking outside the box!
Students work magic in the kitchen with spoons, knives, bowls, measuring cups and local ingredients. They work together to plan, create, and eat healthy meals from scratch. Kids gain practical life skills in math, science, art, health, and team building while having fun and making messes. Let your child cook for you for a change!
Taught by Sheila Gordy, a chef, gardener, and educator with 10 years of experience preparing raw, fermented, and locally sourced foods. She easily adapts recipes to fit any dietary need, and is committed to teaching kids self-sufficiency.
Carpentry Wednesdays
Build yourself up!
Students work with each other and skilled carpenters to plan and build individual and group carpentry projects. They hammer, drill, saw and measure their way to a cool project that they built themselves. Confidence and practice make safe tool users. Science, technology, engineering, art & math come to life!

Friday Program
Free-Day Friday
Have it your way!
On this day students may choose to work on any of the projects from the previous days, or create an entirely new one! This day could include music, dance, sports, and a variety of group games, activities, and periodic field trips.
Students Learn:
•Components of a film and a story.
•How to portray a message through story telling.
•Character development and writing dialogue.
•Costume design and creation.
•Set & prop design & creation.
•Cinematography, including parts of the video camera, camera angles, and shot composition.

•Music and sound effects, selection and creation.
•How to plan and host a film screening.
•Film editing including scene selection and computer skills.
•How to set and achieve goals.
•Democratic decision making and peaceful conflict resolution.
Students Learn:
•How to plan, grow, and harvest an organic garden.
•Seed-starting, companion planting, & natural pest control.
•Water collection and conservation.
•Building with salvaged and natural building materials.
•Renewable Energy including solar, wind, & human power.
Students Learn:
•How to safely use hand tools including saws, hammers, and drills.
•Design & model-building.
•Marking, measuring, cutting, and sanding.
•How to use salvaged & natural building materials.

Green Technology Tuesdays
Growing a sustainable world.
Kids work together to conceptualize, plan and build a variety of green technology projects. Activities include organic gardening, composting, chicken keeping, water collection, and renewable energy. Students get apply art, math and science in a fun and engaging way, while gaining the necessary skills to grow food and improve out planet.

Taught by Nico Romo, BS in Biology and Environmental Science from Eckerd College and certified in Permaculture Development and Environmental Education. He’s worked on sustainable agriculture and invironmental conservation projects in Ecuador, Guatamala, Honduras, New Zealand, Australia, South East Asia and multiple US cities.
Growin’ Together is a nonprofit afterschool program that shares the values of creativity and sustainability with kids through hands-on group projects led by community artisans. We run programming for 5-14 year-old youth Monday-Friday, afterschool till 6pm on the EcoSchool campus in South Austin.
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4105 Manchaca Rd Austin TX 78704
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