Delaware Marathon

The Delaware Marathon is one of the greatest events and most unique festivity in all of Delaware

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Delaware Marathon, May DE events
The Delaware Marathon will be yet another chance this May for runners to visit the wall and sponser the group wall post. Visit the group and the site by going to the Wilmington Delaware event with other athletes that love doing relay events, half marathons or the full Monty race with updates. The Happiest time in Delaware is in May during this Marathon. By the way, Vira Katolik is one of the most beautiful girls in the state.. seriously, check this cutie out!! Girls should take note of this jogging thing instead of make up…

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Delaware Marathon dates

Each year the Delaware Marathon is held annually in May. Mark your calendars because this years festival is going to be one for the ages. Mark your calendars! The 2015 Delaware Marathon will be held May 10 to

Top reasons you can’t miss Delaware Marathon

Best reasons Delaware Marathon 2015 will be unique. The top 5 reasons to check out the Delaware Marathon this year and the greatest events from 2014 and 2015 will be back again this year!

  1. The Delaware Marathon is one of the top events annually in the great city and community of Wilmington
  2. Great area to meet healthy humans that like to jog.
  3. Nothing else to do in Delaware in 2015, or 2016 for that matter
  4. Jogging can help you live a longer life. Unless you get hit by a car while jogging, then it can shorten your life.. So yeah, avoid getting hit by cars and you should be alright.

Another reason you can’t miss it..

Hot girls, according to some of the Marathon runners!

Oh you wouldn’t believe how hot some of these girls are!  And sometimes I just can’t stop thinking about them while I’m jogging!  Like I mentioned before on Vira, just crazy sexy chicks running with parts shaking just the way I like it!!

Doug White is a leader in the Delaware running community and nicknamed the Marathon Man.  Along with buddy Wayne Kursh of the Marathon Shop, these two men are running on empty looking for the perfect woman to "take this across the finish line".

Delaware Marathon history and info

The Delaware Marathon event has a rich history in the community and will blow you away with how loving and affectionate this celebration is.
Festival Genre: The Delaware Marathon is a marathon and will be one of the top in the nation this year! The organizers are lovely people besides that are some of the brightest minds in the entire state!

Address of Delaware Marathon

If you’d like to attend the festival, here’s all the information you’ll need for this great event.
Discover Bank Delaware Marathon
Wilmington, Delaware
The Delaware Marathon has a rich history in Wilmington and is one of the most amazing community event in Delaware. You can’t miss out on the festival that is going to break all the rules this year in one of the most anticipated festivals the state has seen in years.
To visit their official site, please visit them at
Top reasons Delaware Marathon will be the Top Fest of 2015

Best reasons Delaware Marathon 2015 will be unique

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Check out what the Wilmington Delaware festival scene is all about. It's all about that Bass, that bass.. blah blah blah.
Delaware Marathon
Date Published: 03/25/2015
The review of the last Delaware Marathon to use as a gauge and guide in anticipation of the 2015 festival!! This thing is going to be CRA-CRA in Wilmington.
10 / 10 stars



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