Crossroads Film Festival 2015 is something Mississippi should be proud of

Crossroads Film Festival – If you think you know Mississippi . think again! Jackson, Mississippi is the cultural crossroads of the south (hence the name – Crossroads Film Festival) and is the place where all the good stuff gets thrown together. This is where the music of delta Bluesman Robert Johnson runs straight into the home of the International Ballet Competition. We are home to Tennessee Williams, Willie Morris, Eudora Welty, William Faulkner, James Earl Jones, Oprah Winfrey, Morgan Freeman, and some of the world’s greatest historians, photographers, and musicians.

The Crossroads Festival was named in part for the widely known area of Mississippi where Robert Johnson was said to have sold his soul to the devil. It is also a reference to hometown Jackson’s role as a metropolitan hub of the New South

2015 Crossroads film festival will be attempting the impossible feat!

The film festival will be trying to pull off one of the most incredible feats in 2015 while also being home to some real quirky and creative folks, fried catfish, sweet tea, and an annual film festival to rival the best of them. Crossroads Film Festival was named in 2013 by Movie Maker Magazine as one of the Top 20 Festivals in 2015

! Come challenge Mississippi’s creative class and be showered in Southern hospitality. There’ll be cash prizes, Southern celebrities, workshops, daily receptions and nightly juking along with live music. It’s all about your story. Share it. Come see us and we’ll show you a great time!

Crossroads Film Festival in Mississippi
Crossroads Film festival logo

Name 5 of the top events to see at the festivals: – 100+ fabulous indie films from across the globe – amazing workshops: screenwriting, acting, selling your script, the legal ins and outs. – local music and musicians, from Blues to Jazz to Country to Rock to Hip Hop – Southern celebrities and local color

Crossroads Film Festival with a whole day of films, workshops, and family-friendly fun for kids

Crossroads Film Festival
Crossroads Film Festival in Mississippi

5 best words to describe the top film festival in Mississippi

Indie film at the Crossroads of Mississippi

Festival genre: Arts festival

Address of festival:
221 Grandview Blvd.
Madison, Mississippi

United States

Expected Attendance: 3500

2015 Crossroads Film Festival dates

April 10 to 12, 2015

2014 Festival / event dates

April 3rd to the April 6, 2014

Events to look out for this year at the Crossroads Film Festival

Friday, April 12, 6:30 – 7:30 p.m.
Live Music @Malco Theatre (complimentary)

HanaLena from Nashville, Tennessee, whose roots reach all the way back to their home state of Mississippi, features sisters Hannah and Caroline Melby as vocalists on fiddle and mandolin. Their traditional bluegrass instruments, the addition of light percussion and blended genres of country, bluegrass, blues, and pop music, introduces a brand new sound to the music scene.

Friday, April 12, 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. Urban Artisan Living

DJ Young Venom – Born in the home of some the world’s most influential artists, DJ Young Venom’s Mississipppi roots have afforded him an ear for great music. Aside from being able to blend classic funk-soul music with a signature disco-house groove, Young Venom is a skilled visual artist in drawing, painting, and graphic design. With creativity as his medium, DJ Young Venom’s artistic expression is evident with each mix.

Website of Crossroads Film Festival

The Crossroads Film Festival celebrates the art of film making in all of its diversity and depth. The Crossroads Film Society facilitates and promotes a broader spectrum of film and video for the community, presents and honors films and videos related to Mississippi and the South, and provides educational opportunities and facilitates general discussions for film lovers and aspiring filmmakers.

Contact Crossroads Film Festival at:


P.O. Box 22604

Jackson, MS 39225

The Crossroads Film Festival is an independent film festival that takes place annually around the Jackson metropolitan area in the state of Mississippi. It focuses on independent film of all kinds, as well as regional and Mississippi film. The 16th annual festival will take place in Jackson on April 9-12, 2015.

The festival takes place over three days, as more than 100 selected films are screened throughout the weekend. Special events include educational film-related workshops, kid-friendly activities, live local music, nightly afterparties and special badge-holders-only receptions. There is an annual awards brunch on the Sunday of the festival at which the awards and other prizes are given to winning films and filmmakers. Workshops, parties, and receptions are typically held at various locations, including Millsaps College, local clubs and restaurants, and the Mississippi Museum of Art.[1]

The annual festival is a project of 501(c)(3) nonprofit Crossroads Film Society.


The 10th Annual Crossroads Film Festival

April 2-5, 2009
4 Days, 70+ Films, Music and Workshops
Regal Parkway Place Theatre, Jackson, MS

If you think you know Mississippi . think again! Jackson, Mississippi is the cultural crossroads of the south (hence the name – Crossroads Film Festival) and is the place where all the good stuff gets thrown together. This is where the music of delta bluesman Robert Johnson and literary innovation runs straight into the home of the international ballet competition, to make a vibrant, one-of-a-kind culture full of down-homestyle and cinematic grace.

We are home to Tennessee Williams, Willie Morris, Eudora Welty, William Faulkner, James Earl Jones, Oprah Winfrey, Morgan Freeman, and some of the world’s greatest historians, photographers, and musicians. We are also home to some real quirky and creative folks, a little southern hospitality, fried catfish, sweet tea, and a film festival to rival the best of them. Come see us, and we will show you a great time.

The Crossroads Film Society presents the 10th Annual Crossroads Film Festival.
Filmmakers from Mississippi and around the world present and compete in the categories of Feature Film, Short, Documentary, Experimental, Foreign, Student, Music Video and Animation.

What is Crossroads?


The Crossroads Film Society sponsors the Annual Crossroads Film Festival each April in Jackson, Mississippi. We are a multi-cultural, 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing access to international, national, and local film and video. We also encourage discussion and production for film and video, particularly as related to the cultural, educational and economic vitality of the state and region. Our society ’s objectives are met through year-round programming, including special events, lectures, workshops, and the annual Crossroads Film Festival.

The mission of the Crossroads Film Society is to celebrate the art of filmmaking in all of its diversity and depth. The Crossroads Film Society will facilitate and promote a broader spectrum of film and video for the community, will present and honor films and videos related to Mississippi and the South, and will provide educational opportunities and facilitate general discussions for film lovers and aspiring film makers. Our long-term goal is to have our own facility in the city of Jackson, where we can hold our events.

During the festival each year entries from Mississippi and around the world compete to win cash and prizes in each of our categories: Youth, Student, Documentary, Short Documentary, Feature, Music Video, Experimental, Short and Animation. Over 60 films, which range from two minutes to two hours, will be shown at Parkway Place Regal Cinema in Flowood, MS.

The festival provides more than just films to watch. Film fans have the opportunity to meet many of the filmmakers and discuss the filmmaking process as well as participate in a free screenwriting workshop offered on Saturday. Even the youngest fans will get a chance to learn about the filmmaking process through scheduled events on Saturday at the Museum of Art in downtown Jackson.

Tickets are sold by screening times. They are $6 for Crossroads members and $8 for non-members. A festival pass is available for $55 for Crossroads members and $75 for non-members. Advance tickets are on sale at BeBop Records in Jackson beginning in March. Tickets available at the door.

For questions about tickets, call 601-359-3347 or 601-613-6060.

If you are visiting from out-of-town, please contact one of our host hotels for special rates:

Edison Walthall, Downtown Jackson, 601.948.6161; or Best Inn, Off Lakeland Drive near Parkway Theatre, 601.933.0066.
How can I find out about upcoming events?


Check the website as often as you can. for year round films and for the annual festival. On the front page of the website you can submit your email address to join our email newsletter list where we send out occasional announcements prior to upcoming events. You will be sent an email to confirm your wishes to be on the email list. When joining the society you can also sign up for email and snail mail announcements, and volunteer on the membership form.
Where Can I Find the Festival Schedule?


View the festival’s schedule here.
How can I get tickets?


Visit our website here for complete information on buying tickets. Tickets for festival films and All Access Festival Passes can be purchased with a credit card through our website in March, or at the theatre during the festival. Year round events can be found here Online ticket sales end 24 hours before each event, after which time tickets/passes can only be gotten at the event. Tickets are Cash or Check ONLY at the event.
How do you decide what movies you bring?


The Screening Committee reviews and scores all entries for the Film Festival from December to February each year. Each submission is graded in ten different categories on a scale of 1-10 (Concept, Writing, Sound, etc …). Films with the highest average scores and recommendations are chosen for the festival. The Special Events committee researches and votes on all Society events not related to the Festival (i.e. Monday night Movies, etc…).
How can I participate?


Any member of Crossroads may join the various committees who are responsible for events, programming, logistics and marketing. The Special Events committee is responsible for all Society events not related to the Festival (i.e. Monday night Movies, etc …). The Festival committee is responsible for all aspects of the Film Festival that occurs each April. The Screening committee reviews and scores all entries for the Film Festival from December to February each year. The Membership committee informs the members of events and gets people to join. The Volunteer committee helps all the other committees with promotion, putting up fliers, and helps sell tickets, and other logistics during the events. The chair of each committee sits on the Board of Directors, which oversees and approves the overall running of Crossroads, Fundraising, and sees that the committees operate in accord with the Crossroads mission.
Why should I join or donate to the society?


Crossroads exists by the generous support of our friends. The Crossroads Film Society relies on its membership and donations for a large part of its organizational budget. The extent and quality of its programming is directly related to membership and donations. To support the Crossroads Film Society and Festival send checks payable to “Crossroads Film Society,” P.O. Box 22604, Jackson, MS. 39225. Support levels are Individuals ($35), Film Buff ($100), Star ($250), Director ($500) and Producer ($1,000). Your donations support year round programming, workshops for kids of all-ages and helps us support our local film community. For corporate sponsorship opportunities please contact Todd Stauffer at by email at , P.O. Box 22604, Jackson, MS. 39225, or by phone 601-510-9148, or 601-613-6060. One Year Membership Benefits include discounts for screenings of Festival films, festival passes, and year-round Indie film series, as well as special free events throughout the year. Members-only film screenings and “Meet and Greet” Filmmaker parties, members only special events, free screenwriting workshops, participate and help decide what Crossroads does and screens. Your support also enables Crossroads to bring more films to you and helps support our local film community. Newsletters and special notice of upcoming events. Members are encouraged to participate in the society and volunteer for committees that help make the festival and the society better each year. The various levels of membership and applications for joining can be found here. Click here for applications
How Do I Join and What Are The Levels of Membership?


Click here for membership info
Can I write off my Crossroads donations on my taxes?


We are an official 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.
How do I contact someone about a question I have?


We can be contacted by email at , P.O. Box 22604, Jackson, MS. 39225, or by phone 601-510-9148, or 601-613-6060.
You seem to only screen indie films weeks before they are available on DVD. Why not sooner?


Most of the films shown during the festival represent the only opportunity you will have to screen them. These are often presented by the filmmaker at the festival and never obtain distribution for their film. Many of the non-festival indie films we bring have a limited number of prints and the film companies often allocate them to Cinemas who will show them for more than one showing. After the cinemas finish with them we are then able to rent a print. We do our best to get them to you as soon as we are able to acquire a print.
Will you ever screen the films more than once?


As we grow as a Society, with your support, we hope to be able to.
Why Do the Jackson area UA/Regal and Cinemark Movie Theatres not bring movies like “Motorcycle Diaries” and “Garden State” when obviously there is a demand for them?


We at Crossroads are movie fiends, and we wish they would. Many of the smaller independent film companies have relatively few prints of their movies in circulation. The “Ramones: End of the Century” film we screened had fewer than 10 prints available in the United States. None of the area theatres are in the Jackson city limits, and based on their zip code (i.e. Pearl, Flowood, Ridgeland), represent limited potential income compared to cities the size of New Orleans, Memphis or larger. Crossroads is trying to change this perception, by organizing and informing our community. We try to show Regal/UA and Cinemark that you and I will go see these films if they bring them. In the past, area cinemas have inconsistently brought in the occasional indie film and sometimes had little success with them. They will often only play them for one week and by the time people find out about them, or have put it off to see the “new blockbuster,” the indie film has gone. As a growing grass roots film community we have to support these films by seeing them and getting the world out for others to go see them. It’s a labor of love and a work in progress. Crossroads is continually in touch with the area theatres, encouraging them to bring specific films that we all want to play in the Jackson area. We support all independent film in Mississippi, not just what we bring in.
How do I submit my film for the festival?


Submit films here.
Who is on the Board of Directors?


See them here.
View Festival personnel here.
Beyond participation and becoming a member, what can I or my organization do to support Crossroads?


So glad you asked. Your public and private donations allow us to support independent film and filmmakers in Mississippi. We offer ala carte sponsorship from one film, projector or educational workshop to special event parties during our festival. Your tax deductable donation is much needed and appreciated. Be a Crossroads Sponsor! Corporate sponsors and generous donors have enabled Crossroads to stage a four-day film festival of exceptional quality for the past six years. Building on the festival ’s success, we have grown our membership and expanded our film offerings to the community. As we plan for this year’s festival and beyond, we are seeking individual and corporate investors who share our goals of encouraging emerging filmmakers and bringing important, creative independent films to the metro area. Your support will also help us cement our role as the “film specialists” of the Jackson arts community, offering both our own special year-round film series and special events that support other arts groups. In the past, we have sought sponsorships only for the festival, but now that we are engaged in year-round programming, our fundraising efforts now include year-round visibility for our sponsors and complimentary participation in a wide variety of selective activities. For more information on the opportunities and benefits of year-round sponsorship, please contact Jeanne Luckett at 601-354-7955, P.O. Box 22604, Jackson, MS. 39225 or .
***** Questions Below Were Asked by Moviemaker Magazine for their Summer 2006 Issue, with Crossroads Director Herman Snell *****


(Moviemaker Question) The festival is now in its 8th year. How has the festival changed over the years?

(Herman Snell) When we started organizing Crossroads a decade ago there weren’t as many festivals as there are today. Every year our reach has grown exponentially and we’ve been able connect with a lot of great filmmakers from all over the world. During this spring’s festival we screened over 70 films from more than 14 countries. We’ve gone from folding chairs to stadium seating, but continue to strive to bring quality film to the Deep South and show everyone a great time. Our reputation for offering a different kind of festival experience has gotten out and it’s paying off.

(Moviemaker) What do you think the Crossroads Festival has that other festivals lack? Has Southern culture influenced the tone or style of the festival?

(Herman Snell) Beyond being home to the place where Robert Johnson sold his soul for the Blues, we are the place where Atlanta, South X Southwest and New Orleans converge. On the path to those places you’ll find we have an eclectic mix of music and literary talent: Morgan Freeman, William Faulkner, Elvis, William Eggleston, Bo Diddly, John Grisham, James Earl Jones, Jim Henson, B.B. King, Tennessee Williams, Eudora Welty, Muddy Waters, Oprah, and the next generation of Parker Posey and David Banner. We do our best to tap into new ways to expose Mississippi to the world, AND expose the international film world to Mississippi.

(Moviemaker) What goals do you have (long-term and short-term) for the festival in the future?

(Herman Snell) The Crossroads Film Society was established when we began 10 years ago to support not only the festival but independent film throughout the year. We strive to work with every arts group and artist in the area to show them how film is part of each of them. This month we are screening “Ballet Russes” for the International Ballet Competition which brings dancers and spectators from all over the world to Mississippi every four years. Our goals are to support film that not only is about a great story, but that connects people to every aspect of their lives. Whether you are into politics, turtles or disco dancing, there are amazing stories in the world of film that are being told and filmmakers watching the world for their next story.

(Moviemaker) What advice do you have for moviemakers interested in submitting their film to your festival? Is there a certain type of movie or moviemaker that embodies the spirit of the Crossroads Festival?

(Herman Snell) We strive for filmmakers of all styles to challenge Mississippi’s creative class. From feature length experimental documentaries on surrealism to animated shorts on Southern stereotypes, quality is our constant. We feel every great story or idea needs to be told. Our audience represents a broad range of artistic types.

(Moviemaker) What do you think the inclusion of moviemaking workshops brings to the festival program?

(Herman Snell) In order to fully support independent film you have to support the creation of independent film. We want everyone with an idea or story to tell to take a free workshop and go on to tell their story at our next festival.

(Moviemaker) What did you find to be the biggest challenge in putting together this year’s festival? What was your favorite part?

(Herman Snell) The biggest challenge…two words, Hurricane Katrina. A non-profit, seeking to support the arts while 60% of the state is without power and 15% going home to a concrete slab foundation was something of an experience. Our best moment this year was seeing our film society after Katrina (while without power ourselves) screening movies for evacuees in shelters from the coast.

(Moviemaker) Could you tell us a bit about what the Crossroads Film Society does during the rest of the year?

(Herman Snell) Throughout the year we reach out and support area filmmakers and wannabe filmmakers at all levels of experience. We offer first time storyboard and screenwriting workshops for ages 8 to 80, as well as film competitions for experienced filmmakers. The film society also offers year round public screenings of independent film. We offer the smaller Sundance and non-mainstream films that the big Cineplex’s don’t carry as well as special events, indie film premieres and showcases. Come see us. Submit your film. We’ll show you a great time.

We’ll have an engaging audience for your films, daily pre- and post- parties, a variety of nationally recognized filmmaker workshops and panels, awards party and more. Each afternoon kicks off with a Meet and Greet Reception for filmmakers, providing multiple opportunities to visit with filmmakers. Each evening ends with music by regional and national recording artists . Screenings begin at 7 p.m. on Thursday at Regal Parkway Place Theater (Lakeland Dr. @ Airport Rd.) and run through Sunday evening and includes films from the Crossroads Global Lens Film Series, promoting cross-cultural understanding through cinema.

Showcase your film at our internationally acclaimed festival. Cash/prizes, music, workshops, creative folks, and parties will greet you. We’ll show you a great time. and Save $10. Regular Deadline Oct. 31. Enter at or Submit Your Film Here .

Visit the Crossroads Film Festival on MySpace
For our upcoming year round events visit

Top festivals in Mississippi is the Crossroads Film festival
Crossroads Film festival review
Date Published: 03/19/2015
The Crossroads Film festival is a great Mississippi film fest and should not be missed. The event got 4.5 out of 5 stars in review of last years, 2014 festivals schedule. 2015 will be even bigger.
4.5 / 5 stars



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