Concert Of The Symphony Orchestra And Chorus Esperanza Azteca Ciudad Juarez

Concert Of The Symphony Orchestra And Chorus Esperanza Azteca Ciudad Juarez

The Consulate General of Mexico in El Paso and the City of Las Cruces are pleased to invite the binational community of the Paso del Norte region to a concert of the Symphonic Orchestra and Chorus “Esperanza Azteca” Ciudad Juarez, to be held next Saturday March 21st, 2015 at 15:00 in the Oñate High School Auditorium (5700 Mesa Grande Drive) from the city of Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Symphony Orchestra and Chorus “Esperanza Azteca” Ciudad Juarez

Created through the project Esperanza Azteca, the symphony orchestra and chorus of the same name of Ciudad Juarez are integrated by approximately 150 children and young ones, aged 5 to 17 years old. Under the direction of Guillermo Quezada Novela M.A., they were created in 2010 and debuted in June 2011, showing a great performance quality that has lead them to participate in various cultural forums, both national and international. Among them, the International Festival of Chihuahua and performances in Los Angeles, San Diego, California and El Paso, Texas.

Esperanza Azteca is a social project driven by Fundacion Azteca with the purpose of giving support to the personal development of children and young Mexicans. Through the teaching of music they have benefited, since 2009, more than 16,000 young people, who have not only developed musical skills, but also values such as discipline, the pursuit of excellence and teamwork. Overall, this is an effort supported by Mexico’s federal government, several State administrations, local Patronage and Grupo Salinas



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