CINEMA PACIFIC film festival in Eugene Oregon

CINEMA PACIFIC film festival in Eugene Oregon – at the University of Oregon, Eugene Oregon; and downtown Eugene, OR
Date: April 23-27, 2014
Events or activities to expect:

CINEMA PACIFIC is an annual film festival based at the University of Oregon in Eugene that is devoted to discovering and fostering the creativity of international films and new media from Pacific-bordering countries, including the U.S. Through onsite and online presentations, the festival connects stimulating artists and ideas with a diverse public, furthering our understanding of world cultures and contemporary issues.

Cinema Pacific festival in Oregon
Cinema Pacific festival in Oregon
Type of festival:  Film Festival
Description of festival:


CINEMA PACIFIC is a collaborative effort between the University of Oregon and the Eugene community. Administered by graduate students in the UO Arts and Administration Program, who work alongside undergraduate interns, CINEMA PACIFIC utilizes venues across campus and Eugene for a five-day festival of screenings, live multimedia performances, and art exhibitions.

Director RICHARD HERSKOWITZ is a nationally recognized film festival administrator and programmer. He has served as director of the Virginia Film Festival and the Cornell Cinema program and as a trustee and president of the Robert Flaherty Film Seminar. He currently serves as artistic direcotr of the Houston Cinema Arts Festival Houston and is an instructor of Arts and Administration at the University of Oregon.

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