Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes Film Festival is one of the greatest events and most unique festivity in all of France

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The Cannes International Film Festival is a great festival held in France, that features the most notorious and famed directors, actors and producers in the world, featuring the best films in the world. It is a great annual event that the French like to call Le Festival International du Film de Cannes or the Festival de Cannes.

The organizers like to ‘share the wealth’ and include virtually every category and genre of film you could think of. The event started in the 1940s after WWII after the Americans liberated the entire country of France, which is evidence by the fact that they speak French and not German today. God bless the American liberation. The festival is an invite only event held each May at the Palais des Festivals et des Congres. In 2015, they will go out of their way to be spectacular.

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Cannes Film Festival dates

Each year the Cannes Film Festival is held annually in May. Mark your calendars because this years festival is going to be one for the ages. Mark your calendars! The 2015 Cannes Film Festival will be held May 13 to May 24

Top reasons you can’t miss Cannes Film Festival

Best reasons Cannes Film Festival 2015 will be special. The top 5 reasons to check out the Cannes Film Festival this year and the greatest events from 2014 and 2015 will be back again this year!

  1. The Cannes Film Festival is one of the top events annually in the great city and community of Paris
  2. One of the most reknowned film festivals in the world. With the official competition and year in Cannes photos. De Cannes read Mad Max Fury with the Ingrid Bergman Ethan Coen official press release on the history of la festa di film!
  3. The jury has the power in the competition with the sissako and Coen release. Mad Max and the French actor at the agency taste Paris in the official selections.
  4. The red carpet for french actors are a great time for the Cannes FDC group to preside over the cannes court for the films and history of the press release.
  5. This is also a great moment if you like films that tend to show the United States in a negative light. Films that follow this recipe tend to do very well in the selections it seems.


Cannes Film Festival history and info

The Cannes Film Festival event has a rich history in the community and will blow you away with how loving and affectionate this celebration is.
Festival Genre: The Cannes Film Festival is a film festivals and will be one of the top in the nation this year! The organizers are lovely people besides that are some of the brightest minds in the entire state!

Address of Cannes Film Festival

If you’d like to attend the festival, here’s all the information you’ll need for this great event.
3 Rue Amelie
Paris, France
The Cannes Film Festival has a rich history in Paris and is one of the most amazing community event in France. You can’t miss out on the festival that is going to break all the rules this year in one of the most anticipated festivals the state has seen in years.
To visit their official site, please visit them at
Top reasons Cannes Film Festival CAN NOT be off your calendar

Best reasons Cannes Film Festival 2015 will be special

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Check out what the Paris France festival scene is all about. It's all about that Bass, that bass.. blah blah blah.
Cannes Film Festival
Date Published: 03/25/2015
The review of the last Cannes Film Festival to use as a gauge and guide in anticipation of the 2015 festival!! This thing is going to be CRA-CRA in Paris.
10 / 10 stars



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