Awesome Super Fun at the Essex County Fair in West Port!

The Essex County Fair and Adirondack Agricultural Fair with farm animal exhibits, 4-H, motor sports, arts & crafts, Essex County Idol Contest and musical entertainment.

Name 5 of the top events to see at the Essex County Fair: Demolition Derby, Essex County Fair Idol Contest, Horse Shows, Rollover Contest and Figure 8 Contest.

Your top 5 best words to describe Essex County Fair?: Agricultural, Fun, Exciting, Rides and Entertainment

What type of festival is it? (festival genre): County Fair

Address of festival:
Sisco St and NYS Rte 9N
Westport, New York, 12993
United States

Festival / event start date: 07/31/2013

Festival end date (only for multi day events): 8/4/2013

If you have a website, please enter it here (we appreaciate any links back to our website as well. hint, hint):

Openings for vendors still available to purchase?: Yes and vendors are allowed to create and sell custom event products

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