African American Music Festival in Newark

Looking back at the history of cities and towns, of metropolitan
growth and urban development reveals important truths about their
future. The fundamental tradition and promise of urban life is
community, civility, and citizenship, the common values that all
human beings share. These include: the balance of rights and
responsibilities; a feeling of belonging to a larger whole; the
everyday courtesy that makes life safe, peaceful, and pleasant; the
economic and social advancement that makes life secure, sufficient,
and fulfilling. The ideals can be represented best by the word,
“civilization,” which comes from the same ancient root word as “city.”
The timeless human goals of enabling families and communities to
thrive are expressed fully through urban development. Urban
development, in the finest sense of the term, involves preservation
of what is already good, as well as creating new opportunities and
possibilities. By extension, urban life, despite its many problems and
failings during the past few centuries –from poverty and disease to
violence and overcrowding –has been and continues to be the destiny
and promise of global civilization. In the twenty-first century, urban
development offers the world new hope for reaffirming eternal and
universal bonds of humanity and nature.

To this end, The African American Music Festival is dedicated to
serving and enfranchising people in order to facilitate the process of
developing New Jersey’s Urban Community. We, the producers of the
African American Music Festival, are cognizant of the problems as well
as the possibilities within the urban community. On the one hand, in
many urban communities, we witness the bonds of humanity and nature
undergoing severe challenges. On the other hand, we are committed to
playing a part in restoring accountability and balance to the urban
community. Furthermore, we desire to serve as its agents of change,
promoting and enhancing prosperity as well as enhancing its quality of
life. Our overall goal is to initiate and build an awakening of
the human spirit, as well as to enable economic equity, social
civility, political citizenship, and environmental sustainability, for
ourselves and our posterity.

For the first time in human history, a majority of the
world’s population is urbanized, living in cities, towns, and other
urban environments. During the coming decades, the most rapid global
population growth will be in the urban areas of the developed and
developing world. The Newark Now Program, conjoined with The African
American Music Festival, can develop new entities that can apply
intelligence and experience to generating effective solutions. The
African American Music Festival has joined a very select number of
research and education centers around the city of Newark that are
devoted to enhancing urban development.We are an organization
committed to increasing the quality of life for the residents of

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