2016 Tontitown Grape Festival news and info

Springdale, Arkansas – Looking for something to do this summer? We have an event you won’t want to miss this August, the 2016 Tontitown Grape Festival. The top 20 reasons to see the 2016 Tontitown Grape Festival this year. One of the best events in all of Washington County. The arrival of August means it is time for some of the best events of the year. In Arkansas it is no exception. This year the Tontitown Grape Festival will be rocking Washington County and you got to see the top entertainment offered in 2016. Find the top things to do, what to see and much more in Springdale.. The festival offers some of the best things to do in Arkansas and will definitely be better than a Trump Presidency!

The 2016 Tontitown Grape Festival offers great attractions this August. You need to be there!. With well over 300 festivals in Arkansas this August alone, you just can not miss this one!. The Tontitown Grape Festival celebration is listed as one of the top 50 events of August in 2016.. This year marks 119 years that the festival has been going strong. The organizers of the fest believe that 2016 will be their best ever… Take a look at some of the top reasons to check out this festival.

2016 Tontitown Grape Festival image
2016 Tontitown Grape Festival image

The event is held from August 9 to August 13

Date Published: 08/05/2016
The 2016 Tontitown Grape Festival is one of the top 50 food festivals festivals in all of America. The Tontitown Grape Festival festival gets a review of 8.6 out of 1112 user votes and reviews
8.6 / 10 stars

Top 5 reasons to see the Tontitown Grape Festival

Top 5 reasons to see this festival and why you just can not miss it!

  1. Midway Carnival
  2. Coronation of the Queen Cocordia
  3. Grape Stomp
  4. Run for the Grapes 5K Run
  5. Arts and Craft Fair

Dates and times of the Tontitown Grape Festival

The Tontitown Grape Festival is a 4-day food festivals festival that will be held from August 9 to August 13 in Springdale, Arkansas this summer. Rocking the suburbs with the entire family like Quiet Riot did!

2016 Tontitown Grape Festival locations

The 2016 Tontitown Grape Festival is held in Springdale every August.
154 E Henri De Tonti Blvd
Springdale, Arkansas
Looking for lodging for the 2016 Tontitown Grape Festival?

Great options available in and around Springdale from hotels, motels, and camping options
Don’t miss out on the Tontitown Grape Festival because of booking issues and be a part of one of the greatest food festivals festivals this summer!



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